Aimsun is a leading international provider of software and services for traffic planning, simulation and prediction. Acquired by Siemens in April 2018, Aimsun continues to build on over 20 years of experience in algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications. The team of 80 highly qualified employees is based in offices in Barcelona, London, Paris, New York City, Singapore and Sydney, serving over 5000 licensed users in 80 countries.

  • Aimsun Next – Aimsun Next software allows you to model transportation networks small and large: from a single intersection to an entire region. You can use Next software to build a digital twin of a city or highway, then simulate the trips that people want to make, and match them with the available transportation options such as taxis, buses, car-shares, bikes or even walking. Digital modeling is a safe and cost-effective way to experiment with different designs or operations plans and help make places safer, cleaner and more livable. Aimsun Next allows you to carry out traffic operations assessments of any scale and complexity. The applications are endless but some of the most common are: Assessment and optimisation of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) schemes; Feasibility studies for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes; Impact analysis of infrastructure design such as highway corridor improvement/construction; Environmental impact analysis; Toll and road pricing; Evaluation of travel demand management (TDM) strategies; Signal control plan optimisation (Aimsun Next-TRANSYT link) and adaptive control evaluation; Safety analysis; Evaluation of Variable Speed policies and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) analysis; Workzone management
  • Aimsun Live – Already successfully deployed in sites such as San Diego and Grand Lyon, Aimsun Live simulates large areas in real time, allowing traffic operators to envisage traffic conditions before they unfold and to evaluate the impact of congestion management strategies. It’s fast too: 2-5 minutes is all Aimsun Live needs to produce comprehensive traffic predictions for the next hour. Aimsun Live is the perfect engine for any Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) or Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), allowing for a wealth of applications:
    Active transportation and demand management; Arterial management/traffic signal operations; Congestion pricing; Real-time transportation information; Road weather management; Traffic incident and events management; Work zone mobility and safety
  • Training – We offer standard and customized Aimsun Next training, ranging from basic use to advanced programming for research. Most of our standard courses are delivered either at our offices or in training facilities in major cities around the world. We run regular courses all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific Area, North America, and South America. We are also happy to schedule on-site training and to customize course content to suit your particular requirements. We currently have the course material available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Consulting – Our team of in-house specialists offers expert consulting services to our customers. In addition to deep knowledge of the Aimsun Next and Live software, our consultants are qualified transportation engineers and bring significant domain knowledge to bear on every project. Although our consultants are capable of specifying and delivering entire studies, our partners and clients tend to use their help selectively on the most challenging aspects of a project such as scoping and planning; calibration; advanced modeling; customization and quality auditing. Our competitive fees enable you to deliver high quality results in a cost-efficient manner.
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