Airlabs creates clean air zones in polluted cities. With 92% of the world’s population living in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits (WHO), its become our mission to create breathable air by developing clean air zones throughout cities in the worlds most polluted places. Through revolutionary and award winning technology we meaningfully reduce the impact of polluted air on citizens including removing >95% of Nitrogen Dioxide from the air. By focusing on areas with high pollution levels and high people density or high dwell time we can effectively improve the quality of life for people around the world.

As a team of atmospheric chemists and airflow engineers we understand the exact chemical makeup of pollution in cities, how to clean it and then how to deliver cleaner air in the best way. We are the first company to combine these capabilities to pioneer clean air zones for cities and we are dedicated to reducing the impact of air pollution on people.

We have a range of applications and we work with partners around the world to bring clean air solutions to the public.

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