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Modern, flexible and custom mobility solutions – that’s ioki. Already today we offer our customers and partners a seamless introduction to the mobility of the future. We are passionately working on demand responsive transport, mobility analytics and autonomous driving to connect not only places but most of all people.


We are a Deutsche Bahn subsidiary, which makes public transport naturally a part of our DNA. Strengthening public transport is our main goal and we are passionate about sustainable mobility that is based on digital, intelligent and efficient solutions.


Understanding mobility

Data-driven mobility analyses and simulations give us the ability to create a data-driven foundation for efficient mobility solutions in every environment. Our mobility analytics team at ioki combines excellent transport system expertise with high level technology skills.

On-demand platform 

As the market leader for on-demand mobility in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ioki makes demand-responsive transport available everywhere to everyone at any time. We offer an entire platform that consists of a passenger app, a driver app and an administration tool.

Autonomous driving 

We are prepared for the future and our platform is therefore compatible for both autonomous and driver-based transport. Our team launched Germany’s very first self-driving autonomous transport service two years ago, so we already gained some valuable experience in that field.


So far, ioki realized 35 projects and services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Great Britain with more than 538.000 happy passengers. We focus on mobility in urban as well as rural areas and are also rethinking employee mobility with on demand solutions for work commute.


We want to make mobility accessible for everyone, anytime and anywhere – sustainable, accessible and demand-responsive.

Office Address
ioki - a DB company
An der Welle 3
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Selected Experts & Contacts

Senior International Sales & Business Development Manager
Head of International Sales & Business Development
Robert Sykes
Senior International Sales and Business Development (DB Systel UK)
Mara F. Twickler
Head of International Sales & Business Development
Benjamin Pfeifer
Chief Commercial Officer
Jakob Kammerer
Head of Autonomous Mobility
Denny Klisch
Director On Demand Product
Christian Bäuerlein
Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Michael Barillère-Scholz
Co-Founder & CEO

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