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Slingshot Simulations, a digital twin company, was founded in 2019 with a mission to deliver insights from cutting-edge data science.

Our technology allows us to positively impact the biggest challenges faced today: climate change; sustainability; resource management, public health, and more.

We’ve worked with sustainable conservation organisations such as the Rainforest Trust to optimise their data and simulate outcomes.

We are a thought leader and industry pioneer within digital twin company circles, participating in global and national organisations such as the Digital Twin Consortium and Centre for Digital Built Britain.

Our highly diverse team brings together a wide range of backgrounds and domain expertise.

The wide spanning backgrounds of the team (environmental science, journalism, neuroscience, art and design) allows us to build a variety of creative perspectives alongside computer science and data management expertise.

This all enables us to deliver a unique perspective on the solutions we develop. Find out more about the team here.

Digital Twin and Simulation

Predicting the future of your data…

What is digital twin technology?

A digital twin is a simulated portrayal of an authentic entity or system.


How can you create your own digital twin?

Linking your data in Compass: EngineTM is just the start of the journey.

Popular Professional Uses and Definitions

Our enterprise solutions unlock simulation workflows that enable the creation of a closed loop digital twin.

Take your intelligence to new levels.

Slingshot Simulations is defining the industry with our founder and leadership role in the internationally recognised Digital Twin Consortium.

Our leadership role within the DTC allows us to work alongside industry figures, like Dell Technologies and Microsoft, to define the reference architecture for digital twins.

The IP underpinning our Compass: EngineTM  platform delivers unique capability for highly efficient large scale data, simulation and digital twins.

Decision Intelligence

Make advanced data science accessible…

How can you use your data to its full extent?

“Decision Intelligence promises to bring analytics to the masses. It’s about providing insights to answer business questions, without the user requiring knowledge in analytics or data.”


Decision Intelligence has been identified by Gartner as a strategic technology that will shape the future of digital business.

Take your intelligence to new levels.

Compass: EngineTM enables Decision Intelligence by automatically linking disparate data sets.

Geospatial Intelligence

Insight into your world…

What will you share about our world today?

Over 80% of the data we generate is geospatial- containing a location in space and time.

With our Compass: Maps app, you can transform your data into new insights, mapping the world around you.

Take your geospatial intelligence to new levels.

Rapidly perform geospatial analytics in the map or automated workflow engine for new insights.

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