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TfL are the integrated transport authority responsible for meeting Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s strategy and commitments on transport in London. We run the day-to-day operation of the Capital’s public transport network and manage London’s main roads. Every day, we help millions of people to make journeys across London: By Tube, bus, tram, car, bike – and more. People don’t associate us with journeys by river, on foot or via the air, but we help with that, too. Getting people to where they need to go has been our business over 100 years, and it shows. We’re leaders in our field, and no other city’s transport system is quite as recognisable: Red buses, black taxis, Tube trains and roundels have become icons in their own right.

Our main job is to keep the city moving, working and growing but to do that, we have to listen. Constant improvements across the network are fuelled by feedback and comments from customers, as well as work within communities, representative groups, businesses and other London transport stakeholders.

But our progress also depends on technology and data. With the future at our fingertips, we’ve already used it to revolutionise travel payments (think Oyster and contactless payment cards), and improved travel information. Tech and data is essential, not just to our future, but to others’: third parties use our data to power apps and services vital to customer journeys.

So what’s next? As well as continuing to deliver the Mayor of London’s strategy and commitments on transport, our programme of capital investments is still one of the largest. We’re building the Elizabeth line, modernising services and station and making travel safer for all.

  • Air Quality – Every child in London is breathing toxic air, mainly caused by road vehicles. Led by the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, we are committed to helping Londoners breathe cleaner air. As part of this commitment, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London operates 24 hours a day.
  • Environment – Our role is more than getting people from A to B quickly. We also want to make London cleaner and greener and contribute to a better quality of life for Londoners, now and in the future. We’re determined to reduce the impact of transport operations on the environment with measures such as the Mayor’s Clean Air Action Plan that lets us crack down on the most polluting vehicles in London. We’re also putting sustainability at the heart of our operations and procurement. See what else we’re doing to improve the environment in London.
  • Planning for the future – We are investing billions to transform the Capital’s transport network. Proposals include improving suburban railways and the cycling infrastructure and tackling vehicle emissions.
Office Address
Transport for London
4th Floor
14 Pier Walk
SE10 0ES
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Head of Business Development
Principal Bus Policy Planner, Public Transport Service Planning
Rikesh Shah
Head of Commercial Innovation

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