Smart Classes Digest: Issue #03


Peruse the latest edition of Smart Classes Digest, our bimonthly e-digest for Smart City-Region stakeholders!

Issue #03 “Insights” reveal:

  • The evolution of predictive maintenance from niche topic to high ROI application 
  • Why the future of smart cities starts with people, not technology 
  • The latest interactive map of free floating micro mobility services within Europe
  • Why sustainable transport can only become a reality once the world’s mobility and energy systems have merged into one ecosystem  
  • How, as a nation, we actually get people walking and cycling more to meet daily travel needs
  • How to make transport decarbonisation desirable at the individual level
  • New NCSC security principles for smart cities and why connected places are a likely target for malicious actors 
  • Whether new AI-driven surveillance technology will make Britain’s streets safer
  • How digitalization and virtual simulation of entire cities can help planners experiment with solutions to meet complex problems 

…and blog contributions from our sponsors, Padam Mobility and Jacobs, explore:

  • Reconnecting rural UK communities – Grégoire Bonnat interviews Lincolnshire County Council’s DRT system supervisor 
  • What it takes to become a truly “smart” city or infrastructure owner 

We also highlight our current schedule of 2021-22 Smart Classes (qualifying delegates can REGISTER NOW for a free place!); preview the keynote presentations from City of London Corporation, HS2 and UK100 at our upcoming EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class, South 2021 event (London, June 23rd); look ahead to TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2021 (Manchester, July 9th) and TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2021 (Edinburgh, September 16th); feature further presentation retrospectives from our Midlands 2020 and Wales 2020 Transport Smart Classes; and place KnowNow Information, Padam Mobility, Videalert and Westminster City Council under the “Innovator Spotlight”.

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