Smart Classes Sponsorship Opportunities

Wondering which Tech events in the UK Smart Cities and Regions space will enable you to most effectively showcase your solutions, success stories and thought leadership credentials to a qualified audience of genuine buyers and collaborators? Why not consider our highly-acclaimed Smart Classes and an exclusive innovation sponsorship package!

About Smart Classes

Smart Classes are half-day, knowledge exchange and lead generation events, offering strictly buyer side stakeholders the opportunity to find out exactly how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to tackle the challenges faced by aspiring smart cities, regions, communities and essential services providers.

Our tried-and-tested format is built around thought-leadership presentations from innovators, in-depth roundtable discussions hosted by the innovator’s teams of experts, and insightful keynotes delivered by inspirational role models. There are further networking opportunities over breakfast, drinks and lunch buffet and we create a warm event environment (often at characterful, out-of-the-box venues) to keep our carefully curated audiences fully engaged. Smart Classes ensure that technology disruptors really can inform, consult and collaborate with the city-regions and key sector leads.

Click here to discover the “Market context” of Smart Classes and peruse summary descriptions of our TRANSPORT, EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY, WASTE MANAGEMENT, WATER MANAGEMENT, ENERGY, HEALTH & ASSISTED LIVING and PUBLIC REALM & URBAN SPACES editions.

Smart Class Innovation Sponsorship Packages

We’re able to accommodate up to 5 innovators/vendors at each Smart Class in an “Innovation Sponsor” capacity. This opportunity also applies to companies who source or advise on digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies or best practices that can play a key role in helping our buyer-side delegates address their transport and mobility, emissions and air quality, waste management, water management, energy, healthcare or public realm challenges. As a partner expert, innovation sponsorship includes:

  • Exclusive representation of a priority topic/field of digital innovation or application;
  • Speaking opportunity – Initial 10-12 minute ‘thought leadership’ focused presentation delivered by your designated speaker NB. You’re welcome (optional) to involve a customer or partner as a co-speaker to help demonstrate a case study, pilot project or successful collaboration;
  • Deeper dive, roundtable sessions hosted by up to 3 representatives from each innovation sponsor with all the key stakeholder delegates in attendance – Your team of experts spend at least 20 minutes on each table of delegates (up to 10 delegates per table x 4 or 5 tables), so around 100 minutes of quality dedicated roundtable consultations;
  • Further networking opportunities during breakfast, drink breaks and the hot lunch buffet;
  • Distribute marketing materials and content collateral (e.g. white-papers, case studies etc) to all attendees on-site;
  • Full contact details of delegates (including names, companies, job titles and email addresses) provided immediately after the event;
  • Links and logo placement throughout our website and on-screen at the event;
  • Promotion across Smart Classes’ social media channels;
  • Expert blog feature or article contribution to the Smart Classes’ knowledge base;
  • Opportunity to invite appropriate guests and priority targets to attend the Smart Class (you can also submit a ‘wish list’ which we can add to our delegate outreach);
  • Post-event exposure and lead generation – We’ll also distribute your presentation slides to the delegates immediately after each Smart Class you sponsor and make them available for our wider community to access via and via our series of “Retrospective” releases which are promoted across our social media channels: to help generate additional leads post-event, access is conditional upon registration of contact details and agreement to these details being shared with the sponsor. Furthermore, within 24 hours of the Smart Class we’ll give you access to the Smart Class “Photo Album” (featuring snaps of your speaker and your roundtable sessions) which you’re welcome to use on your website and in your own social media activities.

As indicated, innovation sponsorship slots are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 per Smart Class and allocated on a first to confirm basis, so don’t miss out! If you’d like to consider a package of Smart Class innovation sponsorships as part of your next events media plan, please let us know as soon as possible which of the Smart Classes from our schedule are of particular interest and the specific topics or areas of innovation/application you’d potentially like to represent in your presentations and roundtable sessions. We can then put together a proposal confirming pricing, any applicable discounts (e.g. series, introductory, early-bird or start-up concessions) and additional details (e.g. examples of previous presentation topics, timings on the day, confirmed or likely keynote speakers etc).

We would also be delighted to schedule a call to discuss these opportunities further and address any questions you might have. If you’d like to have a chat, please confirm a convenient time/appropriate number and we’ll phone you directly. Alternatively, feel free to drop us an email or reach out on the number below:


+44 (0) 1462 743 731


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Sponsor Testimonials & Feedback

“Very well organised and delighted with the feedback from such an attentive and informed audience. A great format and a pleasure to meet the delegates and discuss some of their own smart city challenges”
Managing Director, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions

“Great event and superb networking opportunity”
Strategy and Business Development, Transformation and Bid Management, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions

“We’re still getting approaches from attendees of the event. You managed to find a really engaged audience. Hats off to you!”
COO, TravelAI

“The event was a great opportunity to meet our targets”
Market Acquisition Manager, Padam Mobility

“An enjoyable event and we had several very interesting discussions. It sounds like we might get some concrete outcomes in the near future”
Urban Big Data Centre/University of Glasgow

“Thanks once again for the event – it was very well run and we got a lot from it”
UK Operations Director, Ofo

“An excellent format to engage with innovative companies and delegates. The roundtables in particular were really useful”
Managing Director, DriveNow UK

“Great job hosting the smart class yesterday, it was very insightful and I really enjoyed the other speakers there”
Community Manager, Faxi

“It was a pleasure to take part”
Director of Programmes, BetterPoints

“Great Transport Smart Class! Really interesting talks and a really productive day!”
Head of Partnerships, Cube Intelligence

“Had some really useful conversations, which have already resulted in what looks like some potentially collaborative work”
Project Coordinator, Living Streets

“Thanks very much, a very well organised event”
Project Manager South West & Wales, Living Streets

“Delighted to be part of it; interesting presentations by all, and very useful roundtable discussions in the smart classes format”
Transport Lead, ODI Birmingham

“Thanks for another great event today!”
Director, Videalert

“Thank you Smart Classes for inviting me to speak at the event! It was great to hear and discuss the challenges transport authorities and local authorities face when designing frictionless and inclusive transport systems. A very engaging crowd!”
Founder & CEO, CityMaaS

“Thanks for running a great event…a pleasure working with you across the last year”
Head of Marketing, Clearview Intelligence

“Excellent event today guys. I look forward to working with you again”
Managing Director, Vortex IoT

“Great day and, as always, lively debate. Thought provoking presentations and roundtable discussions!”
Managing Director, Imperial

“Great morning, thoroughly enjoyed the debate on how existing technologies are supporting the challenge of delivering clean air zones”
Strategy and Business Development, Transformation and Bid Management, Imperial

“Some extremely interesting conversations surrounding transport challenges…Many thanks for hosting this excellent event”
Business Development Manager, North Region, Videalert

“It was a great event, very informative and engaging. Wonderful venue too!”
COO, Finance and Product Director, Vortex IoT

“Many thanks, really enjoyed the session and looking forward to the next one”
Head of Sales, Vortex IoT

“A good opportunity for us to present to industry movers, shapers and disruptors. Interesting discussions around how the latest digital technology enabled solutions can tackle challenges within the transport sector”
Managing Director, Vortex IoT 

“It was a pleasure to be part of the Smart Class today together with TfL, Transport for the South East, MK Council and the other innovators! Format works so well”
CEO & Founder, CityMaaS

“It was a pleasure to speak at the Transport Smart Class in Bristol today about the importance of passenger data in MaaS”
Founder & CEO, UrbanThings

“We look forward to being involved again in the future”
Head of Marketing, UrbanThings

“Well done on a super job and a refreshing format for the event. It was a pleasure to be involved, hear and discuss some great presentations”
Software Business Development Manager, Yotta

“Wednesday was fantastic, we had a great time and met some great people!”
Founder & CEO, Dsposal

“It has been a pleasure participating in the Waste Management Smart Class, and I would like to thank you for the efforts you put into the event, which was very interesting and insightful

“Fantastic Event!”
Head of Product and Marketing, IntechnologyWiFi

“The event was very well executed”
CTO & Co-Founder, CryptoCycle

“It was a very good event and hopefully the first of many Smart Classes for Tiptapp”
London Launch Manager, Tiptapp

“Big congratulations to all involved in organising Waste Management Smart Class 2019. We were delighted to be able to share our insights and experiences of ‘Transforming Waste to Opportunity’”
COO, FoodCloud

“We were delighted with the very polished experience. It brought together an excellent array of delegates in the energy sector and we found the roundtable format a fantastic way to ensure that we were able to meet more attendees than at a standard conference”
Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Smart Energy GB

“Very interesting range of delegates and the roundtable discussion format enabled some really useful and thought-provoking discussions, as well as excellent networking”
Senior Manager, Cities & Regions, The Carbon Trust

Innovator Directory Packages

Our new Innovator Directory, is a dedicated area on the Smart Classes website to inspire key stakeholders towards realising the ‘Smart Vision’ of their city, region, communities, public services or critical infrastructure operations. You can peruse profiles, source solutions and use cases, identify key contacts and access compelling content from trailblazers, early adopters and major stakeholders who are developing or deploying the latest digital innovations, data-driven strategies and best practices to overcome challenges around transport and mobility, air quality and emissions, waste management, water management, energy, healthcare, governance, education, security, buildings, infrastructure and more!

Why not enlist your company or organisation with a “Mover”, “Shaker” or “Disruptor” Directory Package and become a further source of inspiration across the Smart Classes platform. These are truly affordable options for any budget! The Innovator Directory perfectly complements our events channel, bringing many more stakeholders into the vision of Smart Classes vast delegate network.



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