Smart Classes Sponsorship Opportunities

Wondering which in-person events will enable you to most effectively showcase your solutions, thought leadership and success stories to a qualified audience of buyers and collaborators? Why not consider our acclaimed Smart Classes and an exclusive innovation sponsorship package!

About Smart Classes

Smart Classes are half-day, knowledge exchange and lead generation events, offering strictly buyer side stakeholders the opportunity to find out exactly how they can deploy the latest innovations, digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to tackle the challenges faced by aspiring smart cities, regions and communities, public service providers and critical infrastructure operators.

Our tried-and-tested format is built around thought-leadership presentations from innovators, in-depth roundtable discussions hosted by the innovator’s teams of experts, and insightful keynotes delivered by inspirational role models. There are further networking opportunities over breakfast, lunch and drinks and we create a warm event environment (often at characterful, out-of-the-box venues) to keep our carefully curated audiences fully engaged. Smart Classes ensure that technology disruptors really can inform, consult and collaborate with the city-regions and key sector leads.

Click here to discover the “Market context” of Smart Classes and peruse summary descriptions of our TRANSPORT, EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY, PUBLIC REALM & URBAN SPACES, WATER MANAGEMENT, WASTE MANAGEMENT, ENERGY and HEALTH & ASSISTED LIVING editions.

Smart Class Innovation Sponsorship Packages

We’re able to accommodate up to 5 innovators/vendors at each Smart Class in an “Innovation Sponsor” capacity. This opportunity can also be extended to companies who source or advise on innovations, digital technologies, data-driven strategies and best practices that can play a key role in helping our buyer-side delegates to address their transport and mobility, emissions and air quality, public realm, water management, waste management, energy or healthcare challenges.

As a partner expert, innovation sponsorship includes:

  • Exclusive representation of a priority topic/field of digital innovation or application;
  • Speaking opportunity – Initial 15-20 minute ‘thought leadership’ focused presentation (including short Q&A at the end) delivered by your designated speaker/s NB. You’re also welcome (optional) to involve a customer or partner as a co-speaker to help demonstrate a case study, pilot project or successful collaboration;
  • Deeper dive, roundtable sessions hosted by up to 3 representatives from each innovation sponsor with all the key stakeholder delegates in attendance – Your team of experts spend approximately 20 minutes on each table of delegates (usually up to 12 delegates per table x 4 or 5 tables), so up to 100 minutes of quality dedicated roundtable consultations;
  • Further networking opportunities over breakfast (30 minutes), lunch (60 minutes) and during drinks break;
  • Distribute marketing materials and content collateral (e.g. white-papers, case studies etc) to all attendees on-site;
  • Full contact details of delegates (including names, companies, job titles and email addresses) provided immediately after the event;
  • Links and logo placement throughout our website and on-screen at the event;
  • Promotion across Smart Classes’ social media channels;
  • Expert blog feature or article contribution to the Smart Classes’ Knowledge Base;
  • Opportunity to invite appropriate guests and priority targets to attend the Smart Class (you can also submit a ‘wish list’ which we can add to our delegate outreach);
  • Rich media benefits – Whilst government restrictions capped the number of participants permitted to attend in-person (physical format) events at Covid-Secure venues, we commissioned a professional film maker to capture each speaker’s presentation. This enabled those registrants who ended up on our waiting list (after we reached capacity) to view the presentation videos/recordings post-event. Additional pre-qualified influencers and decision makers (likewise from strictly buyer side stakeholders satisfying our usual delegate qualification criteria) have also been able to register for access to this protected rich content and each innovation sponsor has been provided with a branded copy of their presentation video along with full permissions to use in their own marketing and social media activities. These benefits (introduced back in October 2020) have been retained and will continue to be provided, even now that all remaining restrictions have long since been lifted and we’re permitted to accommodate regular delegate numbers at our live/f2f Smart Classes!
  • Post-event exposure and lead generation
    • Within 24 hours of each Smart Class sponsored, we’ll give you access to the event “Photo Album” (featuring pics of your speaker and your roundtable sessions) which you’re welcome to use on your own website and in your own social media activities;
    • We’ll also give each delegate from the day access to your presentation recording, video highlights and slides to reacquaint them with your presentation content, your speaker and your team of experts;
    • This rich media content will also be highlighted in our post-event e-mails and made available to qualifying buyer side stakeholders from the wider Smart Classes community via our series of individual post-event “Retrospective” releases (culminating in a final “Retrospectives Round-Up”), promoted on (including our Knowledge Base), in “Smart Classes Digest” (our thought leadership e-digest) and across our social media channels;
    • In addition to receiving the live event delegate leads, you’ll also be provided with full contact details of registrants from our delegate waiting list (after we’ve reached regular capacity) and of all the extra stakeholders registering for/given access to the protected rich presentation content for at least 6 weeks after the Smart Class;
    • Stakeholders viewing this rich content post-event are also advised that our innovation sponsors may offer them a follow up consultation opportunity with their experts.

For the 6th year running, £6,950 (excl. VAT if applicable) remains our regular rate for a Smart Class innovation sponsorship slot. Furthermore, we’re currently offering a number of generous discounts off this pricing e.g. for “Early Bird” bookings, “Series” sponsorship commitments, start-up innovators and social enterprises or innovators able to represent certain “high priority” topics in their presentations and roundtable sessions.

As indicated, sponsorship slots are strictly limited to a maximum of 5 per Smart Class and allocated on a first to confirm basis, so don’t miss out! If you believe an Innovation Sponsorship Package with Smart Classes could form a valuable part of your events media plan, please let us know which Smart Classes from our schedule are of particular interest and which specific topics or areas of innovation/application your speakers and experts might like to represent in their presentations and roundtable sessions. We can then let you know whether you qualify for a concessionary rate, confirm next steps and deliverables, and provide you with any further information required to help you to reach a final decision (e.g. testimonials; examples of stakeholders represented amongst the delegates at our previous editions; examples of previous presentation topics; timings on the day; confirmed or likely keynote speakers etc).

We would also be delighted to schedule a call to discuss these opportunities further, address any questions you might have and share thoughts on potential presentation topics/angles. If you’d like to have a chat, please confirm a convenient time/appropriate number and we’ll phone you directly or set up a Zoom meeting. Drop us an e-mail or feel free to reach out on the number below!

Stay Safe, Feel Safe: On 13th October 2020 (after the first national lockdown), Smart Classes became one of the first conference organisers in the UK to successfully resume the hosting of in-person (physical format) business meetings and events in a Covid-Secure environment, fully compliant with existing or evolving Government regulations. Likewise, on 23rd June 2021, Smart Classes hosted one of the first face-to-face events since the easing of “lockdown three” restrictions. As reflected in some of the delegate feedback on our Testimonials page, we were widely praised for delivering safe and high quality experiences for all stakeholders. Following full site inspections, we ensured that our venues strictly followed official health guidelines and implemented a comprehensive range of safety precautions, including: temperature checks for all participants on arrival; extra sanitiser dispensers on tables and throughout the buildings; enhanced cleaning schedules with extra staff constantly disinfecting high volume areas; multiple laminated posters in place in all public areas emphasising the importance of personal hygiene and hand-washing; QR code posters for visitors to scan using the NHS track and trace app; public areas marked to assist with adherence to social distancing regulations; venue staff with access to PPE and fully trained on revised health and safety measures; larger tables to accommodate socially distanced delegates etc. With regards to catering, personalised table service replaced self-service and, to ensure engaging stress free roundtable sessions and networking, we provided full face eye cover visor shields to everybody involved!

Since August 2021, all legal limits on social contact have been removed and all forms of hospitality premises have been permitted to open without restrictions. However, we still require our Smart Class venues to remain vigilant! For example, bottles of hand sanitiser continue to be included on all tables and masks are available to those who prefer to wear a face covering during the roundtable discussions.

NB. If any Smart Classes in your sponsorship commitment have to be rescheduled due to a future lockdown at the time of the event, your booking for the affected edition/s will be transferred to the revised date once we’ve ensured that the revised date works for you and for our other sponsors. We guarantee that you’ll be consulted and actively involved in the decision process before any new dates are fixed in stone to avoid clashes with other commitments that you might have (holidays and other industry events, for example).


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Sponsor Testimonials & Feedback

“What a great event and day, thank you! The content around Air Quality was top quality, and the insights and discussions from the roundtables were a great opportunity to debate the air quality challenges…Featured amazing speakers and direct discussions with industry representatives and local authorities keen to learn and understand more about air quality. Unlike the usual 5-minute investor pitches, I was given the time to be able explain how our tech and innovation are enabling change and reductions in air pollution, which was a joy!”
Founder & CEO, EMSOL 

“Fantastic Smart Classes yesterday discussing Emissions & Air Quality. Our very own Alison Litherland from Sustrans London presented a brilliant solution led, community centric, fact and experience based presentation about Behaviour Change interventions. As a team we also held roundtables, with brilliant discussions around inclusive, meaningful and impactful people centred positive change. Well done to everyone who joined the class and thank you for organising yesterday – it was brilliant!”
Project Manager and Business Development Officer, Sustrans 

“EMSOL was proud to support the EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes last week. It was an insightful day filled with thought-provoking presentations and engaging discussions on tackling air pollution and promoting public health. A big thank you to Smart Classes for organising such a fantastic event and to all the speakers and attendees for the valuable insights and knowledge sharing”
Marketing, EMSOL 

“We thought it was a really valuable event and enjoyed speaking to the other delegates on the roundtables”
Project Manager, Behaviour Change Team, Sustrans 

“I was fortunate to present at the Water Management 2024 Smart Class today. Had interesting conversations with so many different professionals working around one major aspect of the urban infrastructure – Water! There was an unlimited flow of knowledge in the room and many interesting concerns for discussion. All of the roundtables were informative. What struck me was the multifaceted nature of urban infrastructure. Even while focusing on just one aspect (water), it has so many hats, and every professional in the room brought a different lens to the table”
Senior Urban Designer, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Excellent event. Enjoyed the format and information, and lessons learnt from the keynotes were most valuable”
Principal Landscape Architect, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Thank you for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the presentations and the roundtable discussions were very insightful too. We are dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships between water companies, local authorities, communities, and stakeholders. By working together, we can harness the power of digital solutions as enablers of change, propelling us towards a more sustainable and resilient future”
Co-Founder & COO, Our Rainwater   

“One of my favourite days of 2023 as we met with data and transport experts from across the UK in an exciting and engaging format”…

“Great to be at Smart Classes event in Coventry today discussing how BT Active Intelligence’s data can understand every journey to enable better decision making. Some great conversations around making location data easily accessible and readily available to meet the demands of current projects”…
Transport Senior Sales Specialist, BT Active Intelligence  

“It was a good day. Happy to attend other events like this one in the future!” 
Mobility Insights Technical Manager, BT Active Intelligence

“Really enjoyed the session and I’ll look forward to seeing you again” 
Strategic Account Director, Marston Holdings 

“Great to be part of the session today and hear where others thoughts are going with infrastructure, technology and decarbonisation of transport” 
Head of Design and Engineering (Midlands), Sustrans 

“All of our roundtables were a good opportunity to talk with all of the delegates. How community engagement can be integrated into our network and planning was a most interesting topic of discussion. Thank you for making us feel so welcome”
Senior Project Manager (West Midlands) – Behaviour Change and Engagement Team, Sustrans  

“It was another really great event! Looking forward to next year’s edition already!” 
Account Director, NSL, part of Marston Holdings 

“Our Director of Environment took the stage to spotlight our approach to collecting, visualising and sharing air pollution data. One of the crucial insights shared was the importance of contextualising data. Raw data can be overwhelming, but its only worthwhile if you can use it to make impactful decisions and present air quality improvements”
Marketing Dept, Vortex, part of Marston Holdings 

“What an exciting week! Yesterday discussing how we can reduce carbon produced by highways operations in London at another Transport Smart Classes event”
Account Director, Brightly, a Siemens company 

“It is always a pleasure attending these sessions” 
Principal Engineer, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Great to see you in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the event and it seems that our presentation was well received and the audience were engaged. Lovely venue as well!”
Business Development Consultant – IMS, Siemens Mobility 

“It was great to present at the Edinburgh Smart Class last month. Our message remains simple – to truly understand the benefits of Future Mobility, we need to transition our approach from a series of small, isolated short term pilots, to wider, longer term commitments that can deliver modal shift and value for residents in areas where other public transport options are limited”
UK Business Development, Padam Mobility, Siemens Mobility Software Business Unit

“Delighted to have presented at another great Smart Classes event, this time in beautiful Edinburgh and talking about laying the foundations for smart mobility! It was great to see that a theme throughout the day was the collective ambition to find new ways to help decrease carbon emissions produced by roadworks. Thank you for having us. It was great to see so many new faces!”
Account Director, Brightly, a Siemens company

“Thank you for an excellent event! I really loved it and found it very beneficial. Really hope we can get involved in more Smart Classes in the future!”
Business Development Manager, Commonplace

“I really enjoyed today’s Smart Class – as always, a great selection of speakers” 
Technical Director (North Region), Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Always a pleasure to attend and present at the Smart Classes events” 
Solutions Manager, Brightly, a Siemens company

“Great to be back in Manchester yesterday for the Smart Classes’ Public Realm & Urban Spaces event as expert innovators at Brightly. Talking all things asset management, IoT and carbon capture, and how councils are able to create connected systems and enable smarter assets which deliver better outcomes for the communities they serve. Thanks for having us Mark and team!” 
Account Director, Brightly, a Siemens company

“Our thanks to Smart Classes for organising and facilitating an excellent and fun forum to discuss the challenges facing us in the mobility space!”
Founder & CEO, UrbanThings, a Paragon ID company

“Thank you again for yesterday’s event – I think it went down very well and well done on getting such a high quality audience. The UrbanThings team was happy to be involved in this event”
Marketing Manager, UrbanThings, a Paragon ID company

“Thanks Smart Classes for the opportunity”
General Manager, UrbanThings, a Paragon ID company 

“Fantastic event! It was great meeting so many people on the roundtable sessions and getting to know about the amazing projects people are working on” 
Regional Director – South, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Last week our sister company, Project Centre, supported yet another successful Transport Smart Class event in Leeds”
Marketing Team, Marston Holdings

“Thanks for putting on a great event”
Head of Northern Europe, Padam Mobility, Siemens Mobility Software Business Unit

“Thank you for such a fantastic session today. It was a great mix of people and you have struck an excellent balance with these classes. As a sponsor, it was great to engage with the audience on a peer to peer level and hold open discussions with everyone”
Owner & Managing Director, We Care 4 Air

“Great event, great speakers, great networking, lots of examples of aligning air quality and climate adaption projects”
Director of Environment at Marston Holdings & Head of Commercial at Vortex

“Thanks so much, it was a great event! Really enjoyed. We’ll definitely be back!”
Technical Presales Consultant, Vortex, part of Marston Holdings

“Always a pleasure working with Mark and Harriet”
Senior Director for EMEA Client Services Centre, Brightly, a Siemens company

“As always, a great event. Thank you for all the hard work and organisation behind it”…“My first time to Northern Ireland and what a trip! I was honoured to speak to so many like-minded people in the room who are committed to improving public transport. Great to hear about the steps Belfast has taken to get its first autonomous project off the ground! Thank you for the great impulses and discussions”
International Sales & Business Development Manager, ioki – a DB company

“I really enjoyed it – what a lovely bunch of people and great conversation”
Senior Director for EMEA Client Services Centre, Brightly, a Siemens company

“Thank you for last week. I found the session to be most informative and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the various key stakeholders in the transport sector”
CEO and Director, Artemis Technologies

“I wanted to say a massive thank you! I had excellent feedback from Katrina, Iain and Benoit, who said they met with some highly relevant people. We would be delighted to be involved in future events, please do keep us updated on future programmes”
Events Manager, Artemis Technologies

“Really enjoyed this event and learning from the collective expertise in the room. Connecting with Translink and Sustrans was hugely valuable”
SiP Programme Director, Belfast Maritime Consortium

“My 3rd Smart Class and have enjoyed each and every one…Excellent insight into the future of maritime developments, as often this mode of transport is overlooked in discussions of ways of modal shift to drive CO2 down”
Account Director, NSL, part of Marston Holdings

“I was amazed that all the participants at the event discussed and recognised how important it is to put the user at the centre to deliver successful new mobility services. The event was particularly well attended by local authorities and local public transport operators, which showed me that everyone is pulling together”
International Sales & Business Development Manager, ioki – a DB company 

“Great day! All the roundtable discussions were very interesting with each table having different opinions and questions. I would recommend anyone to take part or attend. It makes you realise how many interesting projects and roles are out there and how quickly innovation is moving”
UKI Business Development, ioki – a DB company 

“Enjoyed presenting on behalf of Clearview Intelligence at the Transport Smart Class event in Glasgow today. We shared the unexpected consequences of developing our sustainability strategy, including focusing our approach to innovation. Put simply…if it’s not contributing to VisionZero and NetZero, we shouldn’t be doing it. Lovely to catch up with old colleagues and friends and meet some new contacts. Great event, very well organised and run, and great attendees to get exposure to”
Head of Client Strategy & Sustainability, Clearview Intelligence 

“The City of Edinburgh Council’s Transport Planner Team Leader joined our Principal Engineer at this latest Transport Smart Class and spoke about the City of Edinburgh’s strategic assessment of their roads following the national ban on footway parking. Our in-depth categorisation of footway parking levels was one of the first studies to help councils better understand where enforcement and monitoring will be required
Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings 

“Really enjoyed speaking at the event on the range of Siemens MaaS offering”
Head of Northern Europe – Business Development, Padam Mobility, Siemens Mobility Software Business Unit 

“Another really well organised Transport Smart Class with many interesting presentations and an extremely knowledgeable audience”
General Manager, Siemens Mobility Software (UKI)

“It was a pleasure! Thanks for a well run and planned event, we all got a lot from it”
Intelligent Mobility Solutions Manager & Novus Product Lead, Trapeze Group

“At the Transport Smart Class in Manchester last week, Project Centre focused on deploying active travel schemes and the lessons learned from our experience, particularly working with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with clients and colleagues and showcase what we’ve achieved so far in Wirral and Halton”
Marketing Team, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Delighted to share our active travel experience from two excellent LCRCA projects”
Director of Operations, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“Thank you Mark and Harriet for having Laura and myself at Friday’s Smart Class. It was as always a pleasure to exchange ideas about how to evolve Public Transport in the UK. Looking forward to the next one on October 6th in London”
Senior International Sales & Business Development Manager, ioki – a DB company

“This was the second time ioki has participated in the Smart Classes format. Big thanks to the hosts of this event and the participants for the inspiring and interesting discussions about the future of mobility in the UK! We are already looking forward to next time”
Marketing Team, ioki – a DB company 

“Thanks Mark, I’ve really enjoyed the sessions and working with both you and Harriet. Hope to see you again in the future”
Senior Director for EMEA Client Services Centre, Brightly, a Siemens company

“Interesting day at the North of England Transport Smart Class. Great presentations and discussions on how to improve passenger mobility now and in the future”
Senior Consultant, Brightly, a Siemens company 

“Thanks for a great event last Thursday in London and to the attending innovators from cities, councils and the private sector that we met who were both engaged and engaging. Telensa considered it a very worthwhile event and we look forward to to collaborating in the near future”
UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Telensa

“Thoroughly enjoyable! Good contacts made!”
Global Account Manager, Telensa

“Well done for organising! Great seminar to talk about Lewisham project and meet people interested and involved in public realm schemes. Thank you all”
Associate Landscape Architect, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“I find the events very informative and look forward to attending again in the future…Really enjoyed the conversations with the attendees, keep these events coming!”
Client Engagement Director, Brightly

“Really great event last week”
Senior Client Solution Architect, Brightly 

“Well worthwhile – thank you! Good connections made at all of the roundtables and great follow up agreed with a number of attendees”
Executive Chairman, Slingshot Simulations

“Great event, loved presenting to such an engaging audience”
Commercial Director, Vortex IoT, part of Marston Holdings

“Great event, thank you for hosting. We made some great connections and look forward to the next one!”
CEO & Founder, Conigital

“It was a pleasure to participate and share some knowledge among the participants on e-mobility and net zero strategies for local authorities and businesses in Wales”
Head of Sales & E-Mobility UK, Enel X/Director, Enel X Way

“It was a pleasure – thanks for having us!”
Sales and Business Development Manager – E-Bus Region, Enel X 

“Thank you for another impeccably run event with topics so hot the fire alarm went off!”
General Manager, Siemens IMS (UK) at Siemens Mobility

“Great to speak at the Transport Smart Class today in Bristol on how we use data science and continual analysis to test and expand our DRT services”
Business Development Lead UK, Padam Mobility

“Great event, thoroughly engaged audience, looking forward to the next one in Cardiff”
Commercial Director, Vortex IoT, part of Marston Holdings

“It was a pleasure to meet you last week at our first Smart Class. We really enjoyed it and had some great discussions during the roundtable format”
International Sales & Business Development Manager, ioki – a DB company

“Thank you for bringing us all together today…and thanks to everyone for all the interesting insights. It really was a great event!”
International Business Development Manager, ioki – a DB company

“Great event today, thank you”
Commercial Director, Vortex IoT, part of Marston Holdings

“Delighted to take part”
Marketing Team, Brightly Software

“Really enjoyed speaking at this event. Smart Classes are must attend events for local authority officers looking to see the latest innovations in the transport market”
Head of UK Business Development, Padam Mobility 

“With my colleagues from Padam Mobility, I attended the Smart Classes event in Nottingham last week. I really enjoyed the discussion with all the experts and gained many useful insights during the roundtable discussions. Thanks for organising this kind of event!”
Business Development Manager, Siemens IMS 

“Really enjoyable day and thought provoking sessions from fellow presenters”
Principal Engineer, Project Centre, part of Marston Holdings

“A very useful and collaborative event”
Marketing Team, Marston Holdings

“I enjoyed presenting at this Midlands conference yesterday and hosting the roundtable discussions. It was good to share how Sustrans has moved from having a GIS team to becoming an organisation that uses GIS daily and how that has transformed our work. It was also good to discuss how important it is to engage with people…For us, digital engagement is a tool rather than an approach. Early and meaningful engagement is going to be vital as cities introduce transformative change through Mini Hollands and liveable neighbourhoods. Thank you for the rich roundtable discussions: lots of interest in the National Cycle Network and our GIS data. Fascinating presentations and lots for me to reflect on! Thanks for the opportunity. It was a really interesting morning”
Director: England Midlands and East, Sustrans

“Thank you, Mark, and the whole Smart Classes team for the smooth communication, organisation and great support before and after the events. We really appreciate it!”
Marketing Manager DACH, UK & Nordics, Padam Mobility

“Thank you as always for your great work and events. A lot of very qualified people…A big thank you for your help from all the team here at Padam and we look forward to continuing the good work next year”
Head of Business Development & International Partnerships, Padam Mobility

“Delighted to contribute to this event today. Thanks to Mark and the team for arranging”
Regional Director – North of England and Scotland, Project Centre, Part of Marston Holdings

“A very successful event”
Event Management, HaCon – A Siemens Company

“A very well run and executed event. Great to see and hear from all the presenters and delegates that Scotland really does take sustainable transport seriously. We will be participating again, it is the event that keeps on giving! Thank you from all of us”
General Manager, Siemens IMS (UKI) at Siemens Mobility

“The event was a great opportunity to meet our targets”
Market Acquisition Manager, Padam Mobility

“A great event with a lot of interesting discussions”
Head of Business Development & International Partnerships, Padam Mobility

“Thanks for organising. It was a great event and brilliant to speak and meet with people in person”
Head of UK Business Development, Padam Mobility

“I would like to thank you for your help with the organisation of the Smart Classes sessions. It was a great event!”
Strategic Marketing Manager, Padam Mobility

“For our first meeting outside France I had the pleasure to present at the Transport Smart Class in Manchester…insightful and inspirational presentations from TfGM, National Highways, TfN, Padam Mobility, Videalert, Project Centre and Vortex IoT”
International Sales Director, Instant System

“Thanks for organising such a great event and having us on board…really enjoyed!”
Area Manager, Instant System

“Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a step by step approach to passenger information and mobility as a service at the Transport Smart Class in London. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to discuss with knowledgeable Transport experts and speak alongside Simon Reed, Jack Holland, Andrew Summers, Patrick Warner and Steve Evans. Thank you for organising such a great event!”
Area Manager, Instant System

“Thanks for having us Smart Classes. We loved presenting on new vehicle to infrastructure technologies and chatting about use cases for continuous urban scanning”
CEO & Co-founder and CTO & Co-Founder, Vortex IoT

“A great event in London today. Fantastic to be in the room again, seeing people face-to-face and safely!”
Managing Director, Vortex IoT

“Very well organised and delighted with the feedback from such an attentive and informed audience. A great format and a pleasure to meet the delegates and discuss some of their own smart city challenges”
Managing Director, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions

“Yesterday we saw our CEO & Founder speaking at our very first physical event since lockdown restrictions. We are so thrilled to have been a part of one of the first Covid-secure transport events! Thank you…really enjoyed being part of it”
Head of Marketing, Pavegen

“We’re still getting approaches from attendees of the event. You managed to find a really engaged audience. Hats off to you!”
COO, TravelAI

“The event was a great opportunity to meet our targets”
Market Acquisition Manager, Padam Mobility

“Very well organised – Thanks for having us at the event”
CEO & Co-founder, XeroE

“Thank you – a very helpful event!”
Principal Urban Environment Consultant, ANS Global

“Great organisation with PPE”
Co-Founder & CEO, CityMaaS

“Great event and superb networking opportunity”
Strategy and Business Development, Transformation and Bid Management, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions

“An enjoyable event and we had several very interesting discussions. It sounds like we might get some concrete outcomes in the near future”
Urban Big Data Centre/University of Glasgow

“Thanks once again for the event – it was very well run and we got a lot from it”
UK Operations Director, Ofo

“An excellent format to engage with innovative companies and delegates. The roundtables in particular were really useful”
Managing Director, DriveNow UK

“Great job hosting the smart class yesterday, it was very insightful and I really enjoyed the other speakers there”
Community Manager, Faxi

“It was a pleasure to take part”
Director of Programmes, BetterPoints

“Great Transport Smart Class! Really interesting talks and a really productive day!”
Head of Partnerships, Cube Intelligence

“Had some really useful conversations, which have already resulted in what looks like some potentially collaborative work”
Project Coordinator, Living Streets

“Thanks very much, a very well organised event”
Project Manager South West & Wales, Living Streets

“Delighted to be part of it; interesting presentations by all, and very useful roundtable discussions in the smart classes format”
Transport Lead, ODI Birmingham

“Thanks for another great event today!”
Director, Videalert

“Thank you Smart Classes for inviting me to speak at the event! It was great to hear and discuss the challenges transport authorities and local authorities face when designing frictionless and inclusive transport systems. A very engaging crowd!”
Founder & CEO, CityMaaS

“Thanks for running a great event…a pleasure working with you across the last year”
Head of Marketing, Clearview Intelligence

“Excellent event today guys. I look forward to working with you again”
Managing Director, Vortex IoT

“Great day and, as always, lively debate. Thought provoking presentations and roundtable discussions!”
Managing Director, Imperial

“Great morning, thoroughly enjoyed the debate on how existing technologies are supporting the challenge of delivering clean air zones”
Strategy and Business Development, Transformation and Bid Management, Imperial

“Some extremely interesting conversations surrounding transport challenges…Many thanks for hosting this excellent event”
Business Development Manager, North Region, Videalert

“It was a great event, very informative and engaging. Wonderful venue too!”
COO, Finance and Product Director, Vortex IoT

“Many thanks, really enjoyed the session and looking forward to the next one”
Head of Sales, Vortex IoT

“A good opportunity for us to present to industry movers, shapers and disruptors. Interesting discussions around how the latest digital technology enabled solutions can tackle challenges within the transport sector”
Managing Director, Vortex IoT 

“It was a pleasure to be part of the Smart Class today together with TfL, Transport for the South East, MK Council and the other innovators! Format works so well”
CEO & Founder, CityMaaS

“It was a pleasure to speak at the Transport Smart Class in Bristol today about the importance of passenger data in MaaS”
Founder & CEO, UrbanThings

“We look forward to being involved again in the future”
Head of Marketing, UrbanThings

“Another fantastic conference by Smart Classes and a great opportunity for me to share my knowledge and expertise. I presented the concepts of interconnected systems and national digital twins, focussing attention on the benefits for the water sector and how data flow and information management will be key in tackling modern day water challenges. Thank you for letting me share and learn amongst our sector peers”
Global BIM Manager at Xylem & Past Chair of BIM4Water

“Thanks to the Smart Classes team for organising a great workshop with a wide range of stakeholders!”
Commercial Director, Metasphere

“Huge thanks to Smart Classes for hosting the Water Management Smart Class event yesterday. It was great to provide insight to the sector wide work BIM4Water are collaborating on and hopefully we have gained some new members”
National Rehearsal Lead at MWH Treatment & Chair of BIM4Water

“An excellent event experience. Helpful programme content, engaging roundtable discussions, excellent opportunities to network…and all of the presentations were good, providing different perspectives”
Green Valley Group

“It was fantastic to meet so many at the Water Management Smart Class yesterday, where F. Javier Soto and myself presented on how sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) can mitigate flood risk and the impacts of climate change. We referred to our recent South Chingford flood mitigation scheme, developed for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. It was great to learn from the great work of others in the industry and to see so much interest in how our sustainable approach has significantly reduced flood risks whilst providing an opportunity to improve biodiversity and enhance water quality”
Technical Director, Project Centre

“Excellent event, organisation and facilities”
Principal Civil Engineer, Project Centre

“It was a pleasure to present in person today at the Water Management Smart Class with my colleagues at BIM4Water and 4D BIM and Beyond. It is an exciting time to be in the water industry, seeing the digital transformation taking place”
BIM Coordinator at Binnies & Chair of BIM4Water’s 4D BIM and Beyond Task Group

“Well done on a super job and a refreshing format for the event. It was a pleasure to be involved, hear and discuss some great presentations”
Software Business Development Manager, Yotta

“Wednesday was fantastic, we had a great time and met some great people!”
Founder & CEO, Dsposal

“It has been a pleasure participating in the Waste Management Smart Class, and I would like to thank you for the efforts you put into the event, which was very interesting and insightful

“Fantastic Event!”
Head of Product and Marketing, IntechnologyWiFi

“The event was very well executed”
CTO & Co-Founder, CryptoCycle

“It was a very good event and hopefully the first of many Smart Classes for Tiptapp”
London Launch Manager, Tiptapp

“Big congratulations to all involved in organising Waste Management Smart Class 2019. We were delighted to be able to share our insights and experiences of ‘Transforming Waste to Opportunity’”
COO, FoodCloud

“We were delighted with the very polished experience. It brought together an excellent array of delegates in the energy sector and we found the roundtable format a fantastic way to ensure that we were able to meet more attendees than at a standard conference”
Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Smart Energy GB

“Very interesting range of delegates and the roundtable discussion format enabled some really useful and thought-provoking discussions, as well as excellent networking”
Senior Manager, Cities & Regions, The Carbon Trust

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