George Lowder MBE

Transport for Edinburgh (TfE)

Chief Executive

Transport for Edinburgh (TfE)

George took up the post of Chief Executive of Transport for Edinburgh (TfE) in January 2016, where he is responsible for the delivery and development of an integrated transport network for the Edinburgh City Region. TfE is the parent company of Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams. In 2017 The TfE Group carried over 125 million passengers, with revenue of £167M, making £12M profit, returning £6.6M in dividends to its Local Authority owners and investing some £17M in new fleet and equipment. Since George took up the post TfE has: developed and secured unanimous support for a 5-year Strategy for Delivery 2017 – 2022, taken tram advertising “in house” and launched an innovative £4.5M cycle hire scheme for The City, with no CAPEX or OPEX.  Current and future TfE projects include; support to the development of the tram network, expanding the cycle hire scheme, Wayfinding, Park and Rides and a Driver Safety Innovation Challenge.

Prior to his appointment with TfE, George served in Defence for almost 35 years. He was commissioned into The Royal Scots, The Edinburgh Regiment, in 1981, having attended school in Edinburgh. On commissioning he studied Scots Law at Aberdeen University, graduating in 1986. He gained a Masters’ Degree from Cranfield University in 1995 and studied personnel management at Strathclyde University in 2002.

In August 2016 George was appointed as Chair of Scottish Veterans’ Residences and Scottish Veterans’ Housing Association, housing and caring for ex-service and Merchant Naval personnel.

George remains a Trustee of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and Chair of their Finance and Investments Committee. He is Chairman of Trustees and President of The Association of The Royal Scots. He is also a member of the Governing Council and Operating Board of The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.

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