Mark Rowe

Brightly, a Siemens company

Strategic Consultant

Brightly Software

Mark has wide-ranging experience in the industry working within the private sector, local government, HM Forces and overseas. This includes working with politicians and senior leaders within the public and private sectors, leading the development and implementation of complex smart asset management strategies for City and County infrastructure:

Mobilised and been accountable for contract performance on many high profile, collaborative and multi-faceted contracts for highways infrastructure management; setting up governance, control and monitoring processes for large diverse organisations delivering the full range of Highways Infrastructure and Transportation Services, with a proven track record of delivery of both transformational projects and efficiencies, leading to multimillion-pound savings for clients.

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Brightly, a Siemens company, is the global leader in intelligent asset management solutions, enabling organisations to transform the performance of their assets. Brightly’s sophisticated cloud-based platform leverages more than 20 years of data to deliver predictive insights that help users through the key phases of the entire asset lifecycle. More than 12,000 clients of every size worldwide depend on Brightly’s complete suite of intuitive software – including CMMS, EAM, Strategic Asset Management, IoT Remote Monitoring, Sustainability and Community Engagement. Paired with award-winning training, support and consulting services, Brightly helps light the way to a bright future with smarter assets and sustainable communities.

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