Neil Gellatly

Dundee City Council

Head of Roads and Transportation

Dundee City Council

Neil graduated with Hons in Chemistry and Computing in 1994 and made the rather unexpected choice of joining Tayside Regional Council as a Transport Assistant! A wide range of experience was gained in all sectors of local authority transport co-ordination with Tayside Regional, Perth & Kinross and Dundee City Council’s. He is currently the Head of Roads and Transportation at Dundee City Council.

In recent years he was responsible for the delivery of major public transport related projects such as Bringing Confidence into Public Transport and SmartBus which delivered a 100% barrier free public transport infrastructure for the city. He has also managed travel behaviour change through measures which include lift sharing, staff travel planning and marketing initiatives. Continued efforts have been targeted at making Dundee a successful Smarter Choices Smarter Places city and one of the UK’s leading exponents of Low Carbon Vehicle technologies. Neil is currently leading the development of a Low Emission Zone for Dundee and the embedding of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is at the core of all modes and travel choices.

On an operational point of view we also maintain and operate a safe, efficient and well maintained transportation infrastructure for all our residents and visitors who transact their daily lives in and around the City of Dundee.

Neil is married and has sons.

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