Calvium is a leading digital agency combining expertise in research, experience design, software engineering and mobile innovation.

We are experts in designing and developing robust mobile apps that deliver business critical services and engaging customer experiences. By improving business processes, team productivity and customer engagement we help our clients to thrive in a mobile world. From creating app solutions that improve operational performance for Rolls-Royce to encouraging new audiences for Historic Royal Palaces and City of London – Calvium are leaders in the field of mobile innovation.

Apps already form the core of our mobile lives, even melding into the very fabric of society and the environment, e.g. through smart city control systems and monitoring devices. With the rise of new technologies such as voice recognition, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, wearables and the ‘internet of things’ the functionality and importance of apps is only increasing. Ensuring that the integration between technology and our daily lives is a positive experience motivates Calvium to create bespoke mobile services and experiences that people love to use.

In addition to our design and mobile app development services, we also support our clients by undertaking consultancy and rigorous research to inform strategic thinking and operational delivery.

Digital Place Making

Calvium are experts in digital placemaking. We create location-specific digital services, products and experiences that enhance, or radically transform, people’s relationship with natural and built environments. To do this, we operate at the intersection of software engineering, creative storytelling and collaborative design. This expertise has led Calvium to build innovative digital placemaking experiences for some of the most recognisable brands and landmarks in the UK, such as: Battersea Power Station, Tower Bridge, Historic Royal Palaces and the National Theatre.

Read our definition of digital placemaking for urban regeneration

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