We are CKDelta, a unique 21st Century start-up data innovation company, and a member of one of the largest conglomerates in the world, CK Hutchison Holdings. We design and lab-test bespoke data models for businesses, using diverse anonymised data sets, to both understand what is happening now, and to predict what is coming.

We believe that our approach is unique and delivers a range of benefits, including:

– Accessibility to uniquely diverse and high-quality data sets

– A diverse range of skills and sector expertise

– The ability to rapid-prototype and implement scenarios at industrial scale

We apply most of what we do to companies within our own partnership. CK Hutchison’s diverse portfolio of businesses provides a wide source of business data from across the globe, which is constantly growing and refreshing. Anonymised, this data gives us a unique opportunity to design, lab-test and trial scalable business solutions in a reliable and secure environment. This minimises risk and uncertainty, giving an accurate picture of how your solutions will play out in the market when you go live.

CKDelta’s capabilities are already being applied in a variety of industry sectors and categories. We can create value in almost any business context, from retail, mobility and utilities, to telecoms and financial services.

Office Address
CKH IOD UK Limited
Hutchison House
5 Hester Road
SW11 4AN

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