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Exeter City Futures – working collaboratively with the City to build a healthier and more sustainable Exeter. Exeter City Futures is an independent Community Interest Company that is working to help Exeter solve its urbanisation challenges in a way that reduces social inequality and contributes to economic growth. Our vision is to help Exeter live better, by creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive place for future generations by analysing and addressing the biggest challenges facing our city.

We adopt a data-driven approach to city change by analysing current projects being delivered across the city and building a shared responsibility for delivering a better Exeter. By working with city organisations in this way we aim to bring coordination and focus to tackling the challenges we face in meeting our goals for the city. Exeter City Futures’ collaborative governance structure brings together local government and the private sector to solve our challenges, through a single programme that delivers for all.

Office Address
Exeter City Futures
Community Interest Company
Broadwalk House
Southernhay West
United Kingdom

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