At GridBeyond, we envision a future where we work hand in hand with our customers to unearth the full potential of energy assets, crafting sustainability, resilience, and affordability to steer the course towards a zero-carbon future. Our technology unlocks the potential of every connected asset, from utility-scale renewable generation and battery storage to industrial loads. By intelligently dispatching flexibility into the right market at the right time, asset owners and energy consumers can unlock new revenues and savings, enhance resilience, manage price volatility, and support the transition to a net zero future.

Our Story

GridBeyond is a smart energy company led by Michael Phelan and Richard O’Loughlin. Since its commercial launch in 2010, the company has been revolutionising the energy sector through the use of technologies and business models that are advancing the transition to the next-generation electricity industry. GridBeyond is now a global leader in managing assets of all types at the grid edge.

Beyond pioneering the world’s first hybrid battery and demand network, the company’s advanced AI-driven DERMS & VPP platform elevates asset management at the grid edge, optimising real-time energy usage, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring grid stability. The technology empowers businesses and utilities with future-proof energy solutions, revenues, savings, and funding, but also supports the integration of renewable energy sources into the wider energy mix.

As a result, GridBeyond is, with technological excellence, a consultative approach and unrivalled expertise, accelerating the transition to a sustainable, greener future.

Asset Owner FTM – Maximise value and system lifetime of utility-scale energy storage and distributed generation assets.

Energy User BTM – Optimising demand side assets of all sizes, to transform energy demand into opportunity. GridBeyond uses machine learning technology to enable I&C businesses to participate in a wide range of programmes for enhanced energy automation, insights and benchmarks, savings, revenues and sustainability.

Technology – Introducing GridBeyond Point, the award-winning AI-powered technology platform for managing distributed and flexible energy resources.

Office Address
GB Headquarters
Office 7.08 The Office Group
Gridiron Building
1 Pancras Square
King’s Cross
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Michael Kent
Head of EV Solutions
Shawn W-Duckett
Head of Demand Response UK
Mark Davis
Chief Commercial Officer

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