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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptor to many businesses and industries, redefining, simplifying, and optimising what is possible whilst simultaneously creating newer and more flexible business models.

IoT Horizon is an Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions provider delivering Digital Transformation Consultancy Services and IoT Solutions.

There are plenty of technologies on the market, but it can be overwhelming for clients to work out where to invest their time.

We empower our clients to turn their ideas into a reality, whether it is optimising processes, improving productivity or generating new lines of revenue.

Our Mission

We strive to digitally disrupt and break down technology barriers to improve existing operations and exploit new lines of revenue for our clients.

Digital Transformation

30% of IoT Projects fail in the proof-of-concept stage due to the bottom-line benefits being unclear against the implementation costs. Many fail due to the lack of cultural motivation or because execution timescales elongate, and businesses are reluctant to write off the sums that are invested. For those who have previously tried unsuccessfully, there is a natural reticence to try again.

To help encourage and accelerate the successful adoption of IoT and the right digital technologies, IoT Horizon has developed a four-stage process to “MPWR” our clients. This iterative, agile process learns from and builds on the previous experience and knowledge, allowing rapid ideation through execution, deployment, and adoption.

Learn more about our MPWR Process, our Approach and Steps to Digital Transformation (Digital Benchmark, Digital Walk, Digital Run, Digital Roadmaps) and Funded Innovation Support for SMEs.


The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a huge business opportunity across almost every industry due to an ever-changing technological landscape and the need to adapt to changes in working patterns.

Adoption rates are accelerating, with new research suggesting that 55.7 billion connected IoT devices (or “things”) will be in circulation by 2025, generating almost 80B zettabytes of data.

IoT devices, can be an often-ignored element of the company inventory, yet a prominent point of compromise to a company’s infrastructure, if they are not correctly designed and prepared with security standards in mind. They come with their own challenges for maintenance, can add more complexity to any existing asset register, but are pivotal if not essential for the businesses of the future. That’s why the government is mandating security of consumer IoT devices within the UK, to have all businesses, from small outlets to enterprise-level corporations, ready and proactive against all potential threats.

Discover how we enable our clients to Adopt IoT Security Best Practices.


Collect, visualise and analyse IoT data with the Neronis Platform. With improved visibility, businesses can make strategic decisions on their operations, productivity and the customer experience.

Neronis empowers users to understand what is really happening within their business, as opposed to what they assume or hope is happening.

The platform is easy to use, scalable and technology agnostic to allow for full integration of IoT devices, sensors, and communication protocols.

If we can generate data, Neronis can generate insight.

Benefits of Neronis:

  • Easy to Use intuitive platform.
  • Real-Time data is accessible from any location, at any time.
  • Analytics Engine converting data into insights.
  • Customisable Dashboards for flexible data visualisation.
  • Automated Alerting via email, SMS or phone alerts triggered in line with thresholds and escalation procedures.
  • Edge Computing add-on to bring data management and analysis to the data source.
  • Secure and encrypted data storage and transfer.

Sample Use Cases (indicative, not exhaustive):

  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Building Occupancy
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Digital Twin
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Machine Monitoring
  • Production Management

Unlock data-driven business intelligence with Neronis

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