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KnowNow help places become smart communities. Using a method based on the BSI and ISO Smart community standards (ISO37106), KnowNow provides strategic planning & roadmap creation; requirements definition and IT masterplans; help with supplier evaluation and quality assurance of ongoing smart projects.

No engagement is too small or large: From a smart city roadmap to a digital twin for a place; or from an IoT project to a big data AI programme. Existing clients include small towns to cities in the UK and abroad. Research projects and collaborations with academia, SME’s and corporates.

KnowNow are recognised experts in smart city standards; new service innovation and smart city program development. By using ISO37106 as the foundational framework it means that your smart projects have a lower risk and cost profile; plus are more likely to deliver the benefits and outcomes that are expected. KnowNow bring a set of open tools to any engagement. These provide a structure and transparency to our project delivery.



A flexible and lightweight consent management service that can be integrated into any application or web service.

Consentua™ helps build trust. Giving users choice and control over their personal data. Enabling a more trusted and transparent relationship between the customer and the service provider.



Comfort management application that uses environmental data such as temperature and CO2 from inside and outside the building, along with comfort data gathered from the employee mobile device.

entelligently® improves the comfort of building users whilst reducing carbon emissions. The more data entelligently receives, the more intelligent the system becomes.



Our team have worked with the smartest of cities around the world since 2008, designing interoperable city systems and improving citizen outcomes.

Graduated from the Cognicity Smart City Accelerator – Canary Wharf, London, UK in 2015


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