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Streets ahead for 60 years…

Lucy Zodion is a leader in the design and manufacture of street lighting equipment in the UK.

We’ve been developing street lighting control solutions for over 60 years and continue to do so, along with a number of other related technologies. Our experience and heritage, combined with our thirst for innovation, means we never stand still; ensuring we continue to provide industry leading services and solutions throughout the UK and beyond.

Innovative infrastructure to energise urban spaces

We work with you to provide industry leading infrastructure solutions that fit most applications. From the introduction of our first photocell over 50 years ago, we’ve grown in both expertise and capacity to develop and manufacture a large range of energy saving photocells, safe and reliable cut outs and isolators, as well as industry leading power distribution enclosures.

It doesn’t stop there. Our experience in streetlighting has given us in-depth understanding of the challenges city leaders face when it comes to managing lighting networks. Our next generation smart city solutions help city leaders take control of urban infrastructure, both now and in the future, to make urban spaces smarter and more sustainable.

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We’re committed to developing tomorrow’s solutions, today…

Committed to developing futureproof and innovative solutions, our key focus is providing an effective package that can meet and exceed the growing needs of connected and environmentally conscious communities across the world. As the impetus of energy efficiency and data management grows, street lighting as we know it is transforming from illumination hardware into a valuable digital urban asset. Used to facilitate a number of smart solutions that help enrich communities, the connected lamppost has been realised as an integral factor for smarter, more responsive cities. This, alongside the integration of IoT, means streetlights are ever evolving as pivotal features throughout urban areas, providing citizens and councils alike with enhanced more intuitive services.

We’ve been creating smart street lighting for 10 years

For over 10 years Lucy Zodion has been helping to guide cities on a smarter lighting journey with its Central Management System (CMS). Taking lighting control to the next level, for improved street lighting efficiencies and management, street lighting CMS platforms wirelessly communicate with connected hardware using radio technology. This helps city leaders monitor and manage the behaviour of an entire street lighting network, remotely. Making street lighting control more manageable and flexible, with cost saving a key benefit, smart street lighting solutions help municipalities embark on their journey into making their city smart. This is achieved by transforming lampposts into connected urban assets, something we’ve been dedicated to for a decade.

A decade of intelligent street lighting

History of street lighting

Lucy Zodion has been developing smart street lighting solutions for over 50 years. Not always digitally advanced or IoT connected, the smart lamppost of the 60s incorporated halogen luminaires and used photocells that controlled lighting output based on natural daylight levels. From this, the streetlight has evolved; it not only guides the way in terms of illumination, but as a beacon of innovation that connects multiple smart city solutions.

Over the years, the introduction of new technologies has guided the path to smarter lighting solutions and their pivotal place in smart city development. Our involvement in smart street lighting over the years has transformed us from a hardware innovator into a Smart City specialist. Our experience and heritage, combined with our thirst for innovation, means we never stand still – we’re constantly working on new solutions that match the latest technical advancements and urban trends.

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Head of Product Marketing & Management
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Head of Business Development - Smart Cites and Connected Products

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