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Back in 2015, unable to find a drainage management platform that gave all the information they needed in one, easy-to-navigate place, Rob and Ash took matters into their own hands and created a system to do just that.

Since then, map16 has evolved remarkably – drainage is just one notch on our belt. Our solutions are designed to be utilised for any asset, with inspection requirements tailored toward highways, utilities, rail and facilities management.

A risk-centric, predictive maintenance platform as a service, map16 is passionate about providing the most accurate and user-friendly intelligent asset management solutions, coupled with IoT sensor devices for optimal data analysis at your fingertips. We provide one system to encompass every asset, creating a centralised hub to access any asset data required. Our system includes bespoke iOS and Android mobile collection solutions and IoT sensor integration, combined with bespoke dashboards allowing data access in no more than 2 clicks.

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Highway Software

Sensors and Monitors

Office Address
map16 Asset Management Ltd
4 Hunters Way, Stroud
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Ashley Rymer
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Alex Taylor
Business Development Manager

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