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Nemi is a tool which enables the operation of demand-responsive public transport services. It makes mobility in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus routes. Nemi is adaptable to all types of operating models, designed following public administration’s requirements and intended for municipalities, transport authorities and bus operators. It flexibilizes public transport services to make them more efficient, sustainable and inclusive.

Transforming Public Transport

Digital platform for managing Demand-Responsive bus services. We work with local authorities and public transport operators to design the optimal mobility solutions connecting people and places throughout the territory in a smarter, more efficient and sustainable way.

Implementing Intelligent, Flexible And Dynamic Services

By deploying Nemi’s software as a service tool, local authorities transform and develop their communities, transport operators optimise the use of their fleet while making more efficient and frequent trips and passengers benefit from a reliable, transparent and flexible public transport service.

1) On demand – Optimise and flexibilise existing transport routes to improve the efficiency and enhance the user experience of public transport in contexts of low-demand. Enabled through a user app, a driver app, a web back-office and a route optimization algorithm, services are built on and optimised according to the booking locations.

2) Hybrid – A flexible digital platform that meets the needs of irregular passenger flows, offering the hybridization of regular lines by including on request stops or operating on-demand during certain off-peak times of the day or week or year.

3) Digital – Regular public transport lines can be digitalised offering improved reliability and transparency via real time information on bus location. Creates a communication channel between the users and the operator to improve accessibility and safety. Provides data on passenger number and popular pick-up points.

Office Address
Nemi Mobility Solutions
Marie Curie 8-12
Barcelona 08042

Selected Experts & Contacts

Marti Jofre
CEO and Co-Founder
Lisa Jane Grace
Chief Marketing Officer
Jordi Carbonell
Chief Commercial Officer
Eloi Martin Coll
Chief Technology Officer

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