Nordsense is on a mission to help the world reach its sustainability goals through efficient waste and resource management. Nordsense provides high-quality data to equip municipalities, facilities, waste collectors, resource managers, and businesses with the best possible tools and digital insights on their journey to turning waste into a resource.

With the majority of the world’s waste collected at the wrong time, traditional waste management isn’t just inefficient, it’s also unsustainable. It is out of step with today’s unpredictable and complex waste cycles – and not to mention costly to both our wallet and the environment. But a digital and data-driven solution can help change this and transition waste and resource management to leaner, greener, and cleaner practices.

High-quality data comes from a high-quality sensor. Nordsense’s smart sensors are developed by our internal team of hardware, firmware, and software engineers. Designing our sensors in-house means we can integrate our services with your existing systems and tailor our solution to your specific waste and resource needs, and our three-part sensor solution provides unrivalled transparency of your waste operations with real-time data on the fill levels of your bins. In-depth data reports on our online platform provide you with actionable insights that help you:

• Optimize your resources

• Cut down on costs

• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Increase recycling rates

• Measure the impact of sustainability initiatives

• Eliminate illegal dumping and overflowing bins

• Stay ahead of unpredictable waste generation patterns

Intelligent routing empowers you to shift to dynamic and event-based collection routes, so you service containers at exactly the right time.

Asset tracking enables you to track the location and movements of your bins so you can secure your containers against theft and improve your logistics management.

Nordsense is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark with regional offices in the USA.

Office Address
Vestergade 2C
1456 Copenhagen K

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