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Perform Green is a values-led consulting business, helping clients to deliver digitally inspired change for good. We help cities and communities to transform into Smarter Places, through the adoption of advanced digital, data and network connectivity. And we help organisations of all sizes to innovate, improve productivity and improve the quality of service to their clients, their customers and the communities they serve. As a certified B Corporation we are committed to deliver benefits for all of our stakeholders. Our vision is of businesses, cities and communities collaborating to create an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future.

Customer Problem & Our Solution: Global population is growing at an incredible rate with rapid urbanisation and ageing demographic, this is in the context of increasing strain on finite resources and pollution creating local health problems and global climate crises. At the same time digital technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate changing the nature of work and our places within it. We apply ecosystem thinking to how communities work and help them adopt digital technology to make them work more efficiently and be more competitive on the global stage.  We provide consulting and interim expertise to support:

Competitive Advantage: Our competitive advantage is based on our agility and on the strength, depth and expertise of our people, who between them have several decades of senior level experience in public sector and private sector organisations, delivering digital transformation and real outcomes to teams, business functions, whole organisations and even at whole city scale. Our strength lies not only in our understanding of technology application, but also our expertise in commercial and economic models, people, change and organisational development.

Target Market & Traction: Our clients range from large public sector and government organisations, start-ups to global multinationals, to an international not-for-profit scientific organisation. What they have in common is the need and desire to change in order to better deliver their purpose. We have a proven track record of delivery, including leading the programme delivery of the Bristol Smart City Operations Centre, which led to Bristol being named the Huawei #1 Smart City globally in 2018. More recently, Sunderland City Council (by whom Perform Green were appointed Smart City Advisors in 2019) received the Connected Britain Digital Council of the year 2021 Award, following Sunderland being named Smart City of the Year 2020 by Digital Leaders.

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Perform Green Limited
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