The PIN solution tracks your waste containers and vehicles in real time, enabling a sustained improvement in the performance and financial return of Ro-Ro and Skip operations.

The waste container is central to the industry’s ability to operate. Without it, waste doesn’t get collected, processed or recycled. Yet fleets of these essential assets are under poor control.

Waste operators lack visibility of how many containers they have, where exactly they are, how long they have been on site with customers, how many are required to service demand or how efficiently the transport operation is delivering the plan. The unfortunate result is large scale cost inefficiency that also impacts revenue and the ability to serve customers.

Whilst the problem has been recognised, the lack of an effective technology to track containers means that this inefficiency has become embedded into the way the industry operates.

Wireless technology has evolved. For the first time it is now possible to track Ro-Ro’s and skips in real time, at very low cost, offering the prospect of an industry transformation that will reduce costs, improve overall performance and reduce carbon emissions.

PIN was founded by a team of technology and operations experts to bring this new innovation to market. The solution combines tracking devices that are retro-fitted to containers, software designed specifically for the waste industry and full life support that delivers a seamless adoption process.

Transforming the waste industry with digitally connected operations

PIN is on a mission to improve the performance of the waste industry, supporting its critical role in the drive towards net zero. Integrated vehicle and container telematics provide actionable insights to optimise daily operations and transform longer range planning. PIN enables waste operators to reduce costs, increase sales, improve customer service and lower emissions.

Platform Overview – Increase asset and operational visibility with our Waste Management Platform


Skip Tracking – Simplify & optimise inventory management by increasing container visibility

Waste Management Software – Digitalise your operations with waste management software

Vehicle Fleet Tracking – Smart vehicle tracking to bring economic, environmental & service benefits to your organisation

Plan Ahead – Turn real-time data into actionable insights & reports

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