Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)


The Royal Town Planning Institute is the UK’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning and is the largest planning institute in Europe with over 25,000 members. “We help our members to achieve their full potential, and we strive to put planning and planners centre stage of the built environment professions” – Victoria Hills, RTPI Chief Executive.

The RTPI is:

  • A membership organisation and a Chartered Institute responsible for maintaining professional standards and accrediting world class planning courses nationally and internationally.
  • A charity whose charitable purpose is to advance the science and art of planning (including town and country and spatial planning) for the benefit of the public.
  • A learned society.

We also run Planning Aid England and have a trading company, RTPI Services Limited.

Our campaigning activity covers a wide range of issues, helping to raise the profile of the profession and generate awareness of the invaluable contribution planners make to building sustainable communities and helping to drive economic wealth.

We work in partnership with employers to promote the professional development of planning professionals.

The Institute is embarking on a number of projects to explore how city-regions can plan more effectively by using data and technology:

“Smart-city initiatives show that big data and new technology can improve the efficiency of infrastructure networks and many aspects of city life. But the benefits can go much further. By applying technological innovation to strategic planning, we can help combined authorities develop plans for cities and their surrounding areas, including towns and rural areas. New types of data can help them tackle a broad range of issues such as growing regional divide, housing, health, and climate change. By combining the smart city agenda with the potential offered by devolution, we can start to create smart city-regions” – James Harris, RTPI Policy and Networks Manger.

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The Royal Town Planning Institute
41 Botolph Lane
United Kingdom

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