SEStran is a Regional Transport Partnership comprised of eight local councils in South East Scotland: Borders, East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh, Fife, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire. SEStran aims to develop a transportation system for SE Scotland that will enable business to function effectively, and provide everyone living in the region with improved access to health care, education, public services and employment opportunities.

SE Scotland is facing a 10% increase in population by 2024. This will increase demand for transportation and raise the possibility of increased traffic congestion and pollution. SEStran aims to meet this challenge by:

● Developing and improving public transport provision and making it the mode of choice for most travellers.

● Encouraging people to make “smart” travel choices, including considering cycling and walking

● Reducing the number of single occupancy commuter car journeys, and car dependency in general.

● Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

How will we do it? SEStran’s Regional Transport Strategy will form the core of our work for the next 15 years. The Regional Transport Strategy has four key objectives:

● Economy: to ensure transport facilities encourage growth, regional prosperity and vitality in a sustainable manner.

● Accessibility: to improve accessibility for those with limited transport choice or no access to a car; particularly those living in rural areas.

● Environment: to ensure that development is achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner.

● Safety & Health: to promote a healthier and more active SEStran area population.

We aim to develop a world-class transportation infrastructure for SE Scotland that is comprehensive, inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

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