Shotl provides technology and resources to help cities test and deploy new demand responsive transportation services. Shotl helps transport operators and cities make a better use of its bus system by replacing low-ridership routes with on-demand shuttles. We’re currently partnering with municipalities and transport companies as well as mobility planners and consulting firms.

  • Book a ride – Users with the Shotl Passenger App on their smartphones are able to submit a trip request in a matter of seconds. After selecting the number of passengers and typing in the addresses of origin and destination, the app provides an accurate pick-up time and the estimated time arrival. In order to make the service more expedient, riders are informed with walking directions towards a pick-up point and from the drop-off point to their final destination.
  • Follow the route – The Driver’s App guides the minibus to retrieve the passengers at a pick-up point and expresses them to the final drop-off point. All routes are fully dynamic and adjusted in real time, based on traffic and demand. The Shotl algorithms are made to ensure the maximum punctuality on every ride. Shotl provides effective pooled transportation, hence all rides are shared with other passengers heading to a similar destination or with common directions.
  • Manage all your rides – Fleet and operation managers have full access to a central console to supervise demand fluctuations, manage vehicle availability, and check the status of every trip.
    The Shotl Management Module allows managers to add or subtract new virtual stops, resize the extent of the operational area of service, or open and close street availability. Our aim is to optimize the routes of every vehicle while maximizing their load factor in order to free the city from traffic by carrying multiple people at once.

Shotl operates on-demand transport services in seven European countries by licensing its technology to local partners.

Office Address
Jesus Serra Santamans, 2 Pl. 0
08174 Sant Cugat del Valles

Selected Experts & Contacts

Mobility and Public Policy
Osvald Martret
Co-Founder and CEO
Gerard Martret
Founding Partner

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