Sqills is a public transport software technology company with more than two decades of experience in the bus and rail industry.

Our focus as a market leader in public transport is to deliver the best inventory, reservation, and ticketing software in the world.

Over 160 of our colleagues are constantly working to provide operators with the digital agility and performance needed to power their business and deliver the best possible solution for their passengers.

Our goal is to continue to “exceed expectations” day in and day out.

Within five years, Sqills will process over 500 million passenger segments per year, because:

  • The S3 Passenger suite from Sqills provides thousands out-of-the-box functionalities that match with most of the business requirements for international operators
  • The proven technology and high security standards in combination of a SaaS platform reduces costs associated with initial implementation and minimises delivery risk
  • Sqills works agile and continues to invest product features, technology and staff. By remaining flexible it is also possible to develop needed functionalities quickly
  • Sqills continues to exceed customer expectations because it has a product built for the rail and bus industry, not simply modified to fit the purpose
The leading global inventory, reservation, and ticketing system for public transport

S3 Passenger is a fully scalable and modular web-based platform, able to handle millions of transactions per day. Sqills supports the public transport industry in becoming the customers’ preferred mode of transport. Powerful and innovative to exceed your needs in the years to come, flexible enough through APIs to connect with your existing infrastructure.

With more than 38 operators across 10 countries, we are just starting to develop our community of users as S3 Passenger is the public transport industry’s system of choice.

Follow in the footsteps of leading operators such as SNCF, SJ, Eurostar, VIA Rail and choose S3 Passenger.

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Office Address
Pantheon 18
7521 PR
The Netherlands

Selected Experts & Contacts

Bart van Munster
CEO & Co-founder
Johan Nieuwerth
Chief Product Officer & Co-founder
Kasper Walraven
Chief Customer Officer
Joost Doevelaar
Communications Officer
Daniel Callaway
International Business Consultant, Solution Architecture
Phil Puddefoot
Programme Director UK and Ireland

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