We create ‘smart’ drainage networks that enable the drainage infrastructure of the future.


Urbanisation, climate change and population growth are putting huge strain on our water supply and drainage systems.

StormHarvester’s AI drainage solution is solving these problems, predicting and preventing issues before they even happen.

Soon, we will look back and wonder how we ever managed our infrastructure without the benefits of data analysis and proactive decision-making.


The ‘eureka moment’ for the StormHarvester concept was in 2012 when Brian, our CEO, was working as a civil engineer in Queensland, Australia.  He realised that if the rainwater tanks were emptied before a storm, there would be enough storage capacity to lessen the flooding in the area that happened every year.

After working with Queen’s University Belfast for over three years, he developed an automated water management software platform in 2016.

From then on, the business has grown. The company now has partners in over 20 countries and is also using machine learning technology to solve problems in wastewater networks like sewer blockages and pollution and flooding from combined sewer overflows.


With an innate passion and interest for our work, we all share a common goal of creating innovative drainage solutions for the future. Our team includes highly skilled engineers, tech experts, and business savvy people who work together to develop and deliver cutting-edge drainage technology.


Wastewater optimisation using machine learning and hyperlocal rainfall forecasting.

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Flood Prevention and Rainwater Harvesting can now be done in One “Smart” Tank. StormHarvester turns an ordinary attenuation tank into a “Smart” tank.

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StormHarvester Ltd
Unit 10
40 Montgomery Road
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Neil Macdonald
Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director
David Barriskill
Head of Business Services
Stevie Gallagher
Chief Technology Officer
Trevor Murray
Head of Technology

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