Topolytics is a data aggregation and analytics business that is making the world’s waste visible, verifiable and valuable.

Our mission is to be the leading waste and resources analytics business for organisations that generate waste through their operations and products, the industry that is moving and processing this material, investors and government (local, regional or national).

Through building transparency and trust across local, national and international waste systems, we generate actionable insights and value creation for all players across the waste and materials supply chain.

This leads to improvements in resource recovery, enables materials, resource and cost efficiencies, improves the quality of analysis and reporting and reduces the time taken to manage varied and complex data sets.  In this way, we can enable the circular economy at scale.

Our proposition

Our analytics platform WasteMap® uses data analytics, mapping and machine learning to make waste and resource management more transparent, more efficient and more effective commercially and environmentally. We do this for:

  • Enterprises such as manufacturers, services or product companies that generate industrial, operational or post-consumer waste: FIND OUR MORE
  • Waste brokers and recyclers that have contracts to transport and process this material – either directly or through sub-contractors – FIND OUT MORE
  • National, regional or city government agencies that are responsible for regulating waste and associated policy making – FIND OUT MORE

Through WasteMap® we aggregate, clean and analyse data on waste types, amounts and movements to generate insights for waste producers, the waste industry, investors and government.

These insights enable greater materials recovery, drive operational efficiencies, support investment strategies, enhance transparency and reduce carbon emissions through the WasteChain®.

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Argyle House
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United Kingdom

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