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TES are an innovative tech company providing mobile and fixed ANPR and CCTV solutions to support public and private sector parking and traffic operations since 2004.

TES place a huge emphasis on research and development. The tech team have a range of skills and expertise in the areas of cloud-based software, desktop software, smart phone apps, video analytics and electronics design.

Award winning CDM and “Spotter” Technology

TES cloud-based Compliance Display Map service was first used by LOCOG transport to manage over 2,000,000 virtual permits for the London 2012 Olympic Games, and with LOCOG, won a BPA Award in 2013.

Since then the technology has been utilised by UK local authorities to manage virtual permit systems/wanted vehicles on-street and in car parks using TES ANPR Spotter™ vehicles.

First to develop a Work Place Levy solution

TES developed the ANPR based Work Place Levy system and back office for Nottingham City Council. The hugely successful scheme is seen as a more efficient alternative to congestion charging with operating costs running at only 5% of the income meaning the majority of receipts have been invested back into the local transport infrastructure, compared to other schemes that can cost over 20% to run.

Awarded funding from the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU

In 2015 TES was awarded co-funding for its innovative TAIS App Project by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union, one of the highest awards given to a UK SME under the scheme.

Fixed Camera Solutions

The TES Small Blue Generation 3 is an unattended enforcement camera system that is used to automatically enforce Bus Lanes, Bus Gates, School Keep Clears and Moving Traffic Contraventions. The system can enforce multiple contravention types from the same location, requiring no operator intervention.

TES recently won a Transtech Air Quality Impact Award with Islington Council, using an advanced version of the TES Small Blue Enforcement Camera, combined with high quality pollution sensors to develop and demonstrate a self-funding solution for the management and improvement of air quality directly affected by road traffic in their urban environments.

Office Address
Tingrith Lakes
Tingrith, Bedford
MK17 9EW
United Kingdom

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