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Public transport is more than buses, trains, minibuses and taxis; it is how we as a society connect families and friends; children with their schools; and workers with the jobs that drive our economies.

Every day, transport providers strive to deliver mobility for those in their communities – in many instances for those for whom that need is greatest of all. For so many of our customers, public transport is far more than a job – and we are continually inspired by their dedication.

As suppliers to the public transport sector, we aim to match that dedication; recognising that we too play a vital role in this transport ecosystem. As transport authorities and operators look to recover from the impacts of Covid-19, our customers rely on us to deliver the tools they need to do their jobs with ever more efficiency.

Together we are working to increase the effectiveness of public transport; promoting it as not only the transport system of tomorrow, but of today.

We all aspire to sustainable forms of transport, but if we really want our children to experience the world as we have – and to benefit from a truly exceptional transport system – then we need to start building it today.

We believe in public transport, and it’s our goal to make it better.

We are Modaxo

While Trapeze Group has been intrinsically linked with the delivery of public transport for more than 30 years, we recognise that people transportation is more than buses, trains, minibuses and taxis. We are therefore proud to be part of Modaxo; a dedicated global organisation focused on advancing new technologies and innovations for people transportation.

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General Manager at Trapeze Group Europe/UK Limited
Intelligent Mobility Solutions Manager and Novus Product Lead

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