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Trion Technologies is a research and development company focusing on three areas of industry: Healthcare, Engineering and Agriculture. The vision behind Trion technologies is to bring forward solutions and technologies that can make a lasting positive change and bring further prosperity and innovation to the UK.


At Trion we are looking to make farming more automated, efficient and cause for a rise in more optimised methods to produce crops whilst simultaneously reducing the losses. Increasing population demands and the effects of climate change are leading to an unveiling of issues across many sectors, especially agriculture. By integrating Data Analytics in agriculture, we would be able to produce smarter software and hardware to automate farming.


At Trion Technologies we are helping to accelerate mainstream deployment of automated Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in civil aviation through development and validation of wired and wireless sensory equipment. SHM automation has the potential to increase aircraft safety, reliability and productivity while reducing maintenance man-hours and cost. This new technology will enable real-time detection and tracking of aircraft damage and structural aging.


Using Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging to detect tumours on CT scan images. Trion Technologies is developing a solution to make cancer detection easier, faster and more accurate using AI in Medical Imaging data. We are building a Computer Aided Detection system to help detect tumours. This solution is Cloud based to provide easy access to hospitals and clinics, as well as being able to constantly improve over time.

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Trion Technologies Limited
13 Elder Avenue
United Kingdom

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