New transport paradigm made easy for cities and mobility operators

Along with the benefits of micro-mobility and other mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate new and fast-developing modes of transportation. Vianova is building the digital layer between cities and operators to foster collaboration, and facilitate modal shift toward more sustainable and accessible modes of transport. Vianova helps cities digest as well as make good use of complex mobility data.

A passionate team of experts

Our team draws from backgrounds in data and mobility at some of the world’s top tech companies and startups. We are proudly international, with team members from the UK, France, USA, China, etc. We are keen on making cities smarter and more sustainable, thanks to the right technology stacks, tools and vision.

Managing mobility in the era of on-demand transport

Vianova’s mobility dashboard enables better integration and collaboration between cities and connected transportation services.

Make better decisions thanks to better data insights

Visualise the daily transportation picture of your city and monitor all mobility services’ activity in one place.

  • Data Visualization: Visualize in real-time, anonymized locations of vehicles in the city, as well as operators’ deployments.
  • Activity Monitoring: Monitor the evolution of fleets sizes, services utilisation and number of trips, by providers.
  • Control Tower: Receive alerts for safety hazards and send service request.
Reliable and sharable mobility data for the whole ecosystem

Vianova’s data platform fosters a more open and inclusive mobility ecosystem for the different MaaS stakeholders and partners.

Use mobility data to create new services and generate value
  • A Self-service Catalog of +50 Mobility Data Connectors: Instantly access, integrate and share reliable mobility data streams from multiple sources
  • Data Storytelling Through Mobility Intelligence: Easily retrieve historical data and insights within your own tools to perform travel behaviour analysis and mobility planning
  • Real Time Data for MaaS Initiatives: Use the power of our licensed real time data feeds to easily and securely provide efficient mobility services to your users

Digitalize city streets in the era of on-demand mobility

Vianova’s curbside manager enables to easily repurpose curb in order to improve safety, reduce congestion and pollution.

Shaping mobility policies, improving citizens’ lives

Digitally identify and inform new transit needs vs existing infrastructure; ensure regulations compliance.

  • Geospatial Modeling: Dynamically assign, customize, and implement geo-fenced policies with multiple rules – e.g. parking, riding, speed, distribution, etc.
  • Policy Playbook: Digitally publish, amend and manage policies toward providers.
  • Smart Tracking: Monitor compliance in regard to policies thanks to shared performance metrics.

Ready to get started?

Join our global cohort of cities and mobility operators using Vianova to improve mobility in the public space.

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Selected Experts & Contacts

Alexander Pazuchanics
Head of Policy & Partnerships

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