Waste Labs


Waste Labs develops circular economy infrastructure using Artificial Intelligence.

Through our solutions, ESG-focused brands and manufacturers can increase the use of recycled materials by deploying accessible and cost-effective recycling systems.

The core product of our company is CIRCLE, an AI platform that predicts the source of recyclables, designs reverse logistics systems, and optimises collection accessibility and costs.

CIRCLE provides cities and waste managers with data-driven insights and prescriptive recommendations that enable our customers to build and operate efficient waste collection systems anywhere in the world. Our platform brings together waste-specific data and optimisation technologies developed over 12+ years of R&D, and can serve multiple business and sustainability purposes:

– Map out waste generation flows in the area;
– Design smart and sustainable infrastructure and routing systems for general and recyclable waste logistics;
– Identify incremental revenue opportunities and generate lists of prospective waste producers;
– Optimise service costs and profitability of existing collection business.

We are proud to serve the world’s leading producers and top recycling companies in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Waste Labs is backed by Entrepreneur First (UK), Fund for Sustainability and Energy (Singapore), and industry angels.


Optimisation platform

Planning services

Office Address
68 Circular Road #02-01, Singapore 049422

7 Bell Yard, London, UK, WC2A 2JR

Selected Experts & Contacts

Vladimir Chuchkin
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Elias Willemse
CTO and Co-Founder

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