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Westminster City Council is the local authority serving the heart of London. The City of Westminster stretches from Pimlico and Victoria in the south through the West End, Marylebone and Bayswater to Paddington and Queen’s Park in the north-west. It includes the capital’s principal areas of government, shopping, entertainment and tourism and the headquarters of innumerable commercial and professional organisations together with extensive residential areas of all types. The resident population now stands at approximately 234,000 but it is estimated that about 1 million people set foot in Westminster at some time during the day. There are also tens of thousands of people who live in the City for short-periods or on a part-time basis who are not included in the resident population.

Examples of Westminster’s technologically and data driven policies and interventions include their involvement in the monitoring project ‘Breathe London’, trialling of innovative technologies ranging from green infrastructure to retrofitting the council’s waste vehicle fleet, use of data driven evaluation of parking projects and work on eliminating unnecessary vehicle idling.

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Cabinet Member for Environment & City Management and Chief Whip

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