Invest to Grow, Fast-Track to Digital: WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2018 Retrospective


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Information technologies are transforming the waste collection industry but digital transformation is more than paperless processes or a more efficient back-office. It has little in common with reducing headcounts and savings costs. Digital transformation occurs when information technology allows a radical change of the business model itself, and redefines the very strategy of a corporation. At WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2018, Head of Digital, Arthur Goujon, shared SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK’s journey to reinvent itself into a digital company and three particular transformations that are taking place simultaneously:
1) E-commerce and remote sales are drastically reducing the cost of acquisition for new customers, changing the entire approach to sales and pricing to a data driven model.
2) IoT and advance data analytics are profoundly transforming the way customers approach the management of their waste and materials.
3) Supplier portals and digital exchanges of information are reducing the transaction costs with third parties, and opening new possibilities of partnerships, allowing SUEZ to redefine its position in the value chain.

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WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions and best practices can help increase the efficiency of waste collection, separation and disposal, and facilitate the transition of the waste market to a circular economy.


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