LWARB/Resource London Complete Keynote Line-Up at WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2019


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One of the greatest obstacles to delivering effective household recycling services in dense urban environments such as London and achieving regional and national recycling targets, is the poor performance of communal recycling service provision to purpose-built flats. Resource London (a partnership between LWARB and WRAP) have undertaken a project to try and address this by conducting a huge data/insight gathering exercise using ethnographic research and estate inventories to ascertain why people living in flats do not engage with their recycling service. On Wednesday, July 10th, Gemma Scott will be joining us at WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2019 to discuss how this data has been utilised to help design interventions to improve recycling at flats. Her keynote presentation, entitled “Improving Recycling in Flats – Insights to Drive Innovation”, will also demonstrate the importance of monitoring and evaluation to improve services.

Gemma works closely with London’s waste authorities and other stakeholders, including housing providers and planners, to support them in looking at the most cost effective interventions for improving recycling performance in existing flats as well as proposed new developments. Gemma has worked for LWARB (The London Waste and Recycling Board) since 2009 and during her time managed LWARB’s previous Efficiencies Programme, which identified efficiencies for London boroughs in their waste management services. Gemma is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 15 years in the industry. Previously she worked as the Recycling Manager at the London Borough of Richmond, as Senior Recycling Officer at London Borough of Camden and for Veolia Environmental Services in business development and contract management.

Gemma completes our keynoting line-up, joining The City of London Corporation’s Joe Kingston and Vince Dignam, who will deliver a joint presentation on “Tendering and Managing a “Smart” Waste Collection and Street Cleansing Contract”, and SEPA’s Iain Brockie, whose keynote will focus on “Innovative Ways to Understand, Tackle and Reduce Waste Crime”.

In addition to our inspirational keynotes, WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2019 will feature: Up to 5 rapid fire innovator presentations from leading smart waste technology experts, each representing a priority area of digital innovation, data-driven insight or transformative best practice; Deeper-dive roundtable consultations with speakers and senior stakeholders to hone delegates’ smart strategies and help address some of their specific waste management challenges; Further networking opportunities with peers and pioneers over breakfast, drinks and hot lunch buffet, all at no charge!

Those with relevant credentials (see event website for summary of qualifying stakeholders) can Register here to secure one of the last free delegate places.

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WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices can help increase the efficiency of waste collection, separation and disposal, and facilitate the transition of the UK waste market to a circular economy. Following a highly acclaimed 2018 edition in Leeds, WASTE MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2019 will be hosted in London on July 10th.


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