Arjen Jaarsma

Modasti Consulting

Founder & Public Transport Expert

Modasti Consulting

Arjen Jaarsma is the Founder of Modasti Consulting and boasts 24 years experience as a Public Transport Expert. He provides consulting services for public transport projects and specialises in:

  • Public Transport Strategies;
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Electric Buses;
  • Finance and Governance of public transport systems.

As a strategic and innovative thinker, Arjen assists Public Transport Authorities and Operators in their decision-making processes. He has broad insight into global developments in the transport sector and practical experience with public transport policies in the EU and the MENA countries. Arjen also has experience in writing texts for Bus Service Bids and Rail Franchise Bids.

Converting mobility trends and ideas into concrete business strategies for regions, cities or transport contracts, Arjen is able to assist in the decision-making process. He assesses transport model output to develop solid – and financially sustainable – networks which meet passengers’ demands. He advises about electric buses, BRT and urban rail. Analysing tender documents and Public Service Contracts are his speciality.

Familiar with EU Regulation 1370/2007 (Public Service Obligation Regulation) and with transport governance reforms in the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, Arjen also has good insight into metro, tram and bus networks in many cities around the EU and the MENA region.

Arjen holds a master’s degree in urban and transport planning from the University of Amsterdam.

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