Manish Jethwa


Chief Product & Technology Officer


Manish is Chief Product and Technology Officer at Yotta. Over the last decade, he has used his experience in Engineering, Computer Science together with his passion for design to deliver innovation in the field of Infrastructure Asset Management.

Manish earned a 1st class degree in Engineering Science at Oxford University before completing a PhD in Computer Vision at MIT. At Yotta, he has led teams to build new high resolution data collection vehicles, automate data analysis processes and deliver two ground breaking applications in Horizons and Alloy.

Horizons is a one of a kind application for the management of the most valuable infrastructure asset, the roads. Horizons combined GIS, visualisation and fast data analysis to deliver strategic management of the road asset in an easy to use interface and is now used across the globe.

Manish’s team’s newest innovation is Alloy, the Connected Asset Management system for the future.

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