Mark Allison

Mark Allison Consulting

Sustainability Consultant

Mark Allison Consulting

Mark Allison is a Sustainability Consultant with a background of 30+ years working for companies across a wide breadth of sectors. He boasts a strong track record of creating strategies/policy making, future-proofing processes, engaging with organisations and supporting the achievement of efficiencies, cost savings and high sustainability levels. Well-versed in working on complex projects that require corporate as well as sustainability strategy implementation, Mark has a deep understanding of the links between climate change, business risk and value creation.

“Business and sustainability can be a great mix. I am excited by how sustainability will become a primary lens for how companies, of all shapes and sizes, future-proof their business to address societal concerns about both their environmental impact and their ethical behaviour.

The natural world, and how it evolves, have always held a fascination for me. Finding the right balance between human development and protecting species, habitats and landscapes is the biggest challenge of our time. As a strategist, I help businesses to successfully navigate these challenges, assessing the risks and opportunities in this sustainability context, helping them to identify the areas of material risk where they need to act, but equally the opportunities for innovation, enhanced efficiency, and value creation, be it in their business model”.

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