Matthew Cook

The Open University

Professor of Innovation

The Open University

Matt created and leads the Future Urban Environments (FUE) research group at the Open University. Matt’s research (and indeed FUE’s) is thoroughly inter disciplinary and draws on multiple literatures including urban studies, innovation, urban design and planning as well as science and technology studies. Much of Matt’s work aims to provide in depth insights on salient phenomena associated with four topic areas:

• Transport systems and infrastructures, e.g. autonomous vehicles in cities, new business models and ways of accessing vehicles, developing and regulating charging infrastructures for electric vehicles
• Smart energy futures, e.g. development of smart regional networks, changes in electricity sector practices and industry structures
• Energy in buildings, e.g. retrofitting existing buildings, battery installations and associated developments in practices.
• Sustainable production and consumption, e.g. creation of circular economies and smart agriculture systems in cities.

Matt’s teaching interests are closely aligned with his research. As such, he leads the Technology and Innovation Management teaching team at the Open University, which is responsible for the production and presentation of post graduate modules and qualification in these areas.

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