May East

International Urbanist, Educator, Author, Regenerative Designer & Researcher

May East

I am an international urbanist and practitioner specialised in gender-sensitive cities.

My work spans the fields of regenerative design, artivism, and women’s studies.

I work internationally with intergovernmental agencies, private sector, and local & regional governments in the creation of policy guidelines and activities for accelerating SDGs implementation in cities and regions. A UNITAR Fellow, I have a diploma in climate change negotiation and a long track record of promoting vertical integration between community-led solutions to climate resilience and national & international donors, and the UN system and conventions.

Academically I have an MSc in Spatial Planning with a specialisation in rehabilitating abandoned villages and towns and a PhD in Architecture and Urban Planning under the theme ‘What if Women Designed the City?’ My research interests, also, include nature-based solutions for urban planning and the use of regenerative design approaches for shaping 20-minute neighbourhoods and eco-communities.

I currently serve as:

UN House Scotland Director of Cities Programme – UNITAR Fellow – Artists Project Earth Trustee – SDG Academy Advisory Committee Member – BMW Foundation Responsible Leader – University of Edinburgh Moray House of Education MSc Supervisor – University of Dundee Researcher.

My passion is to co-develop Project-Based Learning trajectories supporting indigenous and migrant communities and their traditions to survive in rapidly changing environments while enhancing their opportunities to become the designers of their desired future.

Awards: Internationally recognised Top 100 Global Sustainability Leader three years in a row. Women of the Decade in Sustainability 2019.

My forthcoming book What if Women Designed the City? 33 leverage points to make your city work better for women and girls can be pre-ordered from Triarchy Press.

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