Meelan Thondoo

University of Cambridge

Research Associate, MRC Epidemiology Unit

University of Cambridge

Meelan Thondoo is a medical anthropologist and environmental epidemiologist working in the global health arena. Meelan’s research interests are in city-level health impact assessments (HIA) and multi-sectoral interventions and integrated policies for health. In 2017, she was selected as a Transglobal Health Fellow for the European Commission Joint Doctorate Program (EMJD) and completed a PhD in Medicine and Translational Research. She is currently a Research Associate at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge.

Meelan’s work focuses on the health impacts of urbanization, motorization and climate-change in cities of fast developing countries. She performs transdisciplinary Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) and applies mixed-method tools to tackle health inequalities and reduce preventable disease and injury caused by environmental, social and economic determinants of health. She focuses on urban-specific health exposure pathways including air pollution, physical activity, heat, blue and green spaces, noise, traffic injuries, and food.

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