Robert Lynam

City REDI/WMREDI, University of Birmingham

Policy and Data Analyst Intern


“With 7.8 billion people on the planet, there are 7.8 billion different ways of seeing the world and relating to a problem. I’m a firm believer that creating change is a result of tapping into those differing understandings and creating new, personal connections between individuals and issues. Understanding is the foundation for innovation.

That’s why I’ve come to take such an interest in social science research. One of my main areas of interest is environmental politics, and my undergraduate dissertation analysed the representation of climate change in UK tabloid legacy media through a quantitative content analysis in order to contribute to the collective understanding of how and why UK public opinion has changed.

Outside my undergraduate degree, I’ve taken part in several group projects (The Birmingham Project, Up Our Street and Uprising’s Environmental Leadership Programme) tackling real world issues, all of which required initial primary and secondary research. It’s through these experiences that I’ve not only come to appreciate the value of but also enjoy the process of discovering and understanding, which are essential for an effective solution”.

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