Thomas Harrison

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Senior Consultant & PA Transport Expert

PA Consulting

As a director of Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership and a Business Consultant for PA Consulting in London Thomas is a at the forefront of helping regions develop and facilitate economic growth that is sustainable and inclusive. He specialises in making cases for investment for and delivering social infrastructure in transport and public services which public bodies, private enterprise and individuals use to grow, innovate and improve society. Tom does this as he believes that everyone in the UK should have access to the same quality of public services and economic opportunities to maximise their economic potential, happiness, and health. To do this Tom helps clients transform social infrastructure and helps private enterprise deliver social services and deliver social value.

His mission is to work on exciting projects that where he uses his soft skilled in collaborating and joined up thinking to bring stakeholders, communities, and customers together and aligned on a consensus for change and brings confidence to funders in delivery by giving a voice to those who deliver and thinking outside of the norm to mitigate risks.

At PA Consulting, Thomas’ experience includes:

• Delivered a Business Case for investment in a London railway station and surrounding area for economic regeneration bringing in new jobs, opportunities, and a better customer service for rail passengers.

• Leading workstreams for infrastructure, rolling stock, operations, and safety on a 4.5Billion DKK project for a transport company in Denmark to validate the commercial and safety viability of a proposed project for fully automated trains. • Creating a feasibility study for a healthcare company to show the viability of integrating HR and finance with cloud-based technology can bring substantial financial and non-financial benefits where the outcomes are aligned to the client’s business objectives.

• Delivering a business case to enhance the infrastructure in East Anglia to run more passenger and freights services to help grow the freight market and facilitate economic growth in Cambridge and its surrounding areas.

• Creating a roadmap for a business change plan for a railway company to migrate and manage the transition from a project-based company to an asset management-based company.

• Ran a workshop for a local authority to raise awareness and coach micro and small companies on how to apply for investment from government arm’s length bodies  to develop innovation that can help solves the UK’s problems and improve people’s lives.

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