Victoria Jersova

Milton Keynes Council

Senior Transport Planner

Milton Keynes Council

Victoria recently completed her Master’s degree in Transport and City Planning (RTPI) at UCL. The course brings a cross-disciplinary focus to transport and urban planning, aiming to critically examine the current challenges of transitioning to sustainable travel behaviours and sustainable cities. Her latest academic work includes a dissertation focussed on the development of a Mass Rapid Transit system in Milton Keynes.

Victoria is a Senior Transport Planner for Milton Keynes Council, she previously worked as a Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator for Luton Borough Council. Her work in transportation is wide ranging including the delivery of electric vehicle infrastructure, shared mobility schemes (such as car clubs) and cycle and pedestrian improvement schemes. She has worked on the development of urban design improvement strategies, Local Walking and Cycling improvement plans and other transport related strategies.

Her first degree is a Bsc in Business Finance and this combined with her latest academic achievement and wide ranging practical experience gives her a unique perspective on major transport projects.

Connect with Victoria directly via her LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

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