Zeyn Saigol

Connected Places Catapult

Principal Technologist

Connected Places Catapult

Dr Zeyn Saigol is a Principal Technologist with the Connected Places Catapult, specialising in verification, validation and regulatory approval of autonomous vehicles. He’s technical lead for the SafeMRX, CertiCAV and MUSICC projects, working with the UK Department for Transport to explore practical certification methods for CAVs. MUSICC has developed a shared library for storing test scenarios, and building on this CertiCAV has defined a safety and approval framework. He was also interface architect for VeriCAV, a collaborative R&D project creating a smart simulation testing framework, and has led Catapult projects exploring how CAVs can positively contribute to decarbonisation.

His background includes a PhD in AI planning, MSc in machine learning, and roles in both academia and industry focused on creating autonomous robots.

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