Commonplace is the UK and Ireland’s most advanced solution for community engagement and co-design. We are leading the way globally with a data-led community sentiment mapping, survey and communication solution. We have created an inclusive and flexible platform designed to gather geolocated localised sentiment data around places and spaces, with useful data dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Commonplace not only enables broader community conversations – it turns those conversations into a rich, data-led understanding. It transforms many voices into key themes, allowing for more inclusive decision-making. This dialogue also speeds up projects by getting local buy-in faster.

Our team of experts have guided over 2000 projects across 60+ themes from development consultations, to wind and solar farms, active travel, safety and more!

Powering Positive Participation

Great places are created by understanding and responding to the needs of the community.

Our mission is to connect people with the places they live, work and play – to accelerate positive change through their collaboration with our customers.


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Housing Associations

Transport Planning

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Public Safety


Office Address
1 Leman Street
E1 8FA
United Kingdom

Selected Experts & Contacts

Cleo Weeden
Head of Customer Experience
Rosa Bolger
Head of Public Sector - UK North
John Howard
Head of Growth/Head of Public Sector - UK South
Gianluca Gindro
Head of Analytics & Data Science
Digital Community Engagement Specialist/Business Development Manager - Northern England + Ireland & Northern Ireland

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