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Developing effective measures to improve air quality in the urban environment requires comprehensive data on air pollution and if possible, in real time. Single-point measurements made by costly official measuring stations are not sufficient for this purpose. Hawa Dawa closes this data gap.

Hawa Dawa collects extensive air quality data in real time via a network of proprietary, digital measurement devices and then correlates this data with other external data sources, including official measurement stations and satellite data, in order to create high resolution maps and models of air quality.

  • Hawa Dawa’s software uses artificial intelligence to connect and correlate these select measurement values with additional sources such as live weather, satellite and traffic data to calculate comprehensive, high resolution images of air quality.
  • The Hawa Dawa data platform ensures dedicated and intuitive access to all relevant data, analyses, models and forecasts (up to 72 hours) relating to urban air quality and mobility in your city.
  • The architecture of our data platform meets the requirements of DIN SPEC 91357:2017-12 and allows the import, analysis and visualisation of environmental and traffic data, whilst displaying their specific dependencies / interrelations. The platform can be easily integrated with other software products and is also available as a white label solution.
  • Using our know-how in the areas of traffic technology and epidemiology, we seamlessly combine the topics of mobility, health and air quality to form a robust basis for developing innovative cross functional, cross-agency approaches. Examples include eco-sensitive traffic control, environmental health management, holistic city development or parametric (re-)insurance.

Hawa Dawa has been recognized and celebrated for introducing such radically innovative approaches to the field of air quality. At the national level, Hawa Dawa was awarded 1st prize by the German Ministry of Finance & Energy in the Digital Innovation Startup Competition as well as 1st prize in the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Competition in conjunction with Copernicus. In 2017, the Karl-Kolle-Prize awarded our complex hardware and software solution ‘best technological concept’ whilst MIT Technology Review counted the company among the top 10 most innovative in Germany and the top 35 in Europe.

Hawa Dawa’s innovative system for air quality management is already deployed in more than 20 cities and local authorities across Germany & Switzerland.

“Our vision is to push environmental data into the mainstream of decision-making and to unlock unlimited clean air for cities, businesses and citizens. Hawa Dawa aims to make the invisible visible: we form the first link of a new digital knowledge network to steer and activate resilient and decarbonised cities”.

Office Address
Hawa Dawa GmbH
c/o Impact Hub Munich
Gotzingerstr. 8, 81371 München

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