Putting Air Quality Data to Work: EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2H 2019 Retrospective


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The notion of air quality data-based decision making in health management, city and traffic planning is nothing new but what is required now, more than ever before, is a clear tie-up of technology with end-user need. IoT-based technologies promise to merge both digital and physical worlds by transcending spatial and temporal barriers. To use these technologies combined with information from satellites and other measurement methods for better understanding urban air quality is self-evident. However, this approach, as Hawa Dawa’s CEO and co-founder Karim Tarraf recently highlighted at EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2H 2019, does not come without its limitations: Questions on data reliability, accuracy, rights-of-use and commercial applicability arise. Karim enlightened our audience in his presentation about the opportunities and challenges of combining low-cost sensors with earth observations in predicting comprehensive air quality information in urban centres. He also demonstrated concrete, clear and practical applications of air quality data in everyday processes; put forward an outlook for future developments in this field; and showed us ways in which collaboration could shape the future of Environmental IoT (EIOT).

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For additional insights on “Opportunities and Challenges of Fine-Grained Spatial and Temporal Air Quality Information”, check out this recent blog contribution from Karim to the Smart Classes “Knowledge Base”. We also draw your attention to Hawa Dawa’s 2019 Smart Air City Campaign: four measurement devices will be available free of charge to four cities for four months! Applications are open until December 31st.


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EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to improve urban air quality and drive down emissions and air pollution in our cities and regions.


   Birmingham, UK

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