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Using Innovative Technologies to Help Mitigate Pollution Caused by Wastewater Spills: WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2022 Retrospective

#Emissions&AirQuality  #SmartCities  #SmartGovernance  #SmartIndustry  #SmartInfrastructure  #SmartWaste  #SmartWater 

Monitoring wastewater levels in a wastewater network is imperative to enabling utilities to effectively manage their networks to prevent wastewater spills, reduce pollution and improve […]

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Birmingham, UK Tim O'Brien Phil Tomlinson

The Role of Sub-Regional Partnerships in Delivering Future Mobility: TRANSPORT Smart Class, London & South East England 2022 Retrospective

#Emissions&AirQuality  #Health&Living  #SmartCities  #SmartCommunities  #SmartGovernance  #SmartInfrastructure  #SmartTransport 

Richard Pemberton is Principal Transport Planner at Solent Transport, a partnership of four local transport authorities (Southampton City Council, Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire County Council […]

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London, UK Richard Pemberton

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